The ranching website went live Nov. 10 and launched a new way for ranches to work together across the globe.

“This is a whole new way for livestock owners to buy and sell their animals,” said John Andresen, President of Livestock of the World. “In the past if you wanted to sell your animals online you had to rely on a website that allowed you to list a short classified or a website focused on one species of animal. What we are doing is launching websites that do an outstanding job for 15 species of animals, one country or region, at a time.”

It all began in 2014 when The Andresen Group, an Oregon web development firm, launched

“When we launched Livestock of America, the goal was to have an online marketplace where U.S. and Canadian livestock owners could enter in a wealth of information on their animals,” Andresen said. “You could enter plenty of photos and pricing information, data on wool, ancestry, breedings, just about anything you could think of entering about your horses, pigs, alpacas, sheep, etc.”

Within days the website was being viewed in 85 countries and ranches were signing up across the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to animal information the Livestock of America marketplace includes ranch profiles categorized by region to help users find animals nearby. Plus there is a product section for wool, apparel, meat, crafts and more.

“Last week we re-launched with a new look, more species of livestock, and mobile-friendly design. It is also focused exclusively on livestock owners in the United States,” says Andresen.

At the same time as and went live, so did Livestock Of Canada has many of the same features but with a Canadian look and feel.

“Soon, we will launch similar marketplace websites for livestock owners across the globe — in Europe, South America, Australia, etc.,” Andresen said.

“At the core is, which is the hub that links, connects, and supports the other websites in the network. It is also the one location for account administration, and has other information including descriptions for thousands of breeds of livestock,” said Andresen.

In the future, additional functionality and services will be added to the hub website to assist ranches, livestock associations and animal registrars such as:

• Event registration

• Free websites for registrars and associations

• Online directories of events, registrars and associations

• Social networking

“The goal is to assist people across multiple livestock industries so that they can be more effective, productive, and profitable,” Andresen said. “And it is already working. Not only are members selling more animals but the site is already helping animals move to where they are needed. For example, we recently helped a rancher move a large cattle herd from Pennsylvania to Ethiopia. That helps Ethiopian ranchers sell fresh milk and meat where it was not available before. Plus it helps to increase sales for American ranches.”

For additional information, please contact Andresen at 541-879-1877 and or visit

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