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There’s an update on the Sinclair Coffee Kiosk I am so anxiously awaiting.

The two-sided, drive-in, brick and mortar coffee and breakfast-to-go shop, located on the corner of S. River Street and Litch Street in Enterprise in the parking lot of Sinclair Brother’s Tree Service, is expected to open May 1. Duncan Galvin, who works for Eric Sinclair and used to be a barista, is going to run the kiosk 5:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., Monday through Friday.

He’s chosen his coffee brand: Longbottom coffee and tea out of Hillsboro.

The plan is to serve breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches and biscuits and gravy. Your coffee selections are many, thanks to a full service coffee bar.

“We want to fuel the working people,” Sinclair said.

They’ll be accepting resumes for help, soon.

In other news: Wup Winn, owner of both Back Country Connection aircraft in Joseph and Video Buffs in Enterprise, has added a third business to his portfolio.

He’s purchased Birddog Signs, formerly located at 101 West Main Street in Enterprise, from Melissa Duncan. Duncan says she is transitioning to a new stage in life and is pleased to have found a new owner with Winn’s experience.

Winn purchased the business, not the location, so it will be a little time before he opens a storefront.

“Give me a few weeks,” Winn said. “I’m all over the country right now with my Backcountry Connection business. I’ve got an office up at Joseph Airport and most likely we’ll end up operating out of that.”

He’s taking orders now, however: call 541-426-3756.

Although his background in graphics in both the auto body and aircraft business has prepared him for the industry, Winn also bought it with his son Gaven, 15, in mind.

“I want to teach my kids more about business,” Winn said. “I’ve included them in all my businesses since Nicole died and they’re really involved. Gaven is into computer graphics and this plays on his interests and desires.”

Melissa Duncan will also continue to help with artwork and installation.

Winn plans to offer the same services Birddog Sign customers have enjoyed once he settles in from spring responsibilities.

A banking professional with a long history in Wallowa County has made a move: Wallowa County native Cindy Bailey has taken a job with the Bank of Eastern Oregon, at 101 Hogan Street in Enterprise, that she said “rounds out” her lifetime of experience.

You may know Cindy from her beginnings as a teller back in 1982, on up through positions in new accounts, operations, as a bank manager and as a compliance officer for Community Bank in Joseph.

Now she has stepped into the job of Internal Audit Manager at Bank of EO. Bailey is a certified regulatory compliance manager through the American Bankers Association. Her position at Bank of EO is a brand new position that came about when the long-term private auditing company ceased operations after the retirement of its owner.

“I’m going from doing to auditing for all branches,” said Bailey. “And I’m looking forward to the challenges internal auditing will bring.”

Bank of EO EVP and Chief Operations Officer Gary Propheter said he knew Bailey would be a good fit for the job.

“I’ve known Cindy as top talent for many years and am happy she’s taking on this key role for the bank,” he said.

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