Things are shakin’ on Main Street in Enterprise — some of which I can’t tell you until it’s “official.”

But this I can say: J’s Place computer and music supply store has moved around the corner into the old Savoie’s Specialties building.

Jay Connolly, owner of J’s Place, is still stirring his displays around for the perfect fit, but he’s open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays at the new location, 103 SW First St. Contact him at 541-426-0108.

Well, we know what Jay’s move means, don’t we? Some time ago Jody and Michael Berry, who own Wild Carrot Herbals and Dandelion Wine on Main St. in Enterprise, mentioned they had their eyes on Jay’s establishment for future, undisclosed “expansion,” and Jay confirms he sold them the building.

Just what the Berrys are going to do with that building is the subject of delicious speculation at this point.

“We honestly don’t have plans other than to renovate,” said Jody Berry. “We’re in that ‘uncover’ state, and then we’ll see where we go from there.”

So far they’ve uncovered some huge window space hidden under the wood facing, and Michael is in and out of the building remodeling as I write.

But wait, there’s more. But I can’t tell you, yet. Stay tuned.

I can tell you that two other home businesses made it through their Planning Department and City Council approvals recently: Vicki Waer’s one-chair, home-based salon in Joseph and Lola and Mike Johnson’s self-service pet wash station on Eggleson Lane. Congratulations to both entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to hear when you’re ready to open, now that the paperwork is complete.

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