ENTERPRISE — COVID-19 cases dropped again in Wallowa County.

From Oct. 19-25, the Oregon Health Authority reported 19 cases — three on Oct. 19 and Oct. 21, six on Oct. 20, and seven on Oct. 25. There were no new cases reported Oct. 22, but the number of cases in the county increased by 20, from 673 to 693. 

Still, the number is trending in the right direction. The county had 49 cases from Oct. 5-11, and 21 from Oct 12-18. For the month of October, there have been 111 cases, going from 582 at the end of September to the current 693. The daily case total for the month is down to 4.27 after being near seven per day in early September.

The OHA report from Tuesday, Oct. 26, showed no new cases, keeping the number at 693.

The county is also likely to finish the month with a decrease in month-over-month cases. There were 180 cases in August and 163 in September. October is on pace to see about 132 cases.

There have been no new deaths reported in Wallowa County, with the number of COVID-19 related deaths staying at 12.

Vaccination rates in the county currently are at 66.3% of residents 18 and older, and 55.9% of all residents. In Region 9 hospitals, case totals are also down from previous weeks. In the region, there were 18 hospitalizations on Oct. 25, the fourth day in a row with fewer than 20 COVID hospitalizations in the region. That is the first daily stretch with that few of hospitalizations since August.

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