ENTERPRISE — COVID-19 cases may be dropping slowly statewide, but the count is still quite high in Wallowa County.

On Monday, Oct. 11, the Oregon Health Authority reported there were seven new cases of COVID-19 over the weekend, a number that raises the overall count to 651, per OHA data and means 49 new cases were reported in the last seven days. That included a total of 22 cases that were reported on Wednesday, Oct. 6.

Couple that with the 20 cases reported during the first weekend in October, and Wallowa County has already seen 69 cases this month, with the average of 6.9 per days currently ahead of the case count that was set in August, when there were about 5.8 cases per day. That month ended with 180 total cases.

Wallowa County’s infection rate is now 9.09%, per OHA data.

There have been no new COVID-related deaths reported in the last week, according to OHA information, which means the number during the pandemic in Wallowa County remains at 12.

COVID-19 hospitalization numbers have continued to slowly decrease statewide, but in the six Region 9 counties, which includes Wallowa County, they were at their highest total to date last week, peaking on Oct. 7 at 43. On Monday, Oct. 11, that number had dropped to 30.

The number of individuals receiving COVID-19 vaccinations is also slowly moving, but increasing. Per OHA data, Wallowa County was is up to 65.5% of those 18 and older as of Oct. 10, with 61% of that population having been fully vaccinated. Of the total population, its 55.2% who have had a shot, and 51.1% who are fully vaccinated. In all, 3,954 people in the county have received a COVID-19 vaccination. Through the first 10 days of October, that number is just 24.

And the latest breakthrough case report shows that through Oct. 2 there were 72 breakthrough cases — a fully vaccinated person still contracting COVID-19 — in the county. Eleven new cases were reported during the week ending Oct. 2.

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