KeyToOregon for 072229

Kevin Ystad, of Steven Integrated Solutions, collects addressed Key to Oregon research study cards and packages them for mailing May 11 at Stevens Integrated Solutions in Portland.

ENTERPRISE — Some 22 Wallowa County residents have signed up to report their temperature and other COVID-19 symptoms for up to one year as part of a statewide research study that is measuring the virus’ prevalence throughout Oregon, according to a press release.

A total of 400 Wallowa County households have been invited to directly contribute to the Key to Oregon, a study being conducted by the Oregon Health & Science University to help state and local decision-makers keep Oregon and its communities both open and safe.

Since it was announced in May, the study has been measuring COVID-19 prevalence throughout the state. So far, nearly 9,000 Oregonians have enrolled statewide.

The study aims to enroll up to 100,000 randomly selected Oregonians, who will spend less than 10 minutes a day to report their temperature and other symptoms on a secure website. Up to 10,000 of those enrolled will also be selected for asymptomatic testing, or testing those who do not have symptoms, to better measure an often-invisible source of COVID-19’s spread.

OHSU will share study findings with state and local decision makers, who can use the data to make decisions to meet the state’s economic and social needs – including reopening or closing local businesses and schools – while also protecting human health and lives.

“We are deeply grateful to those willing to volunteer their time to this important work,” said Dr. Jackie Shanno, the study’s lead researcher. “Each person who spends less than 10 minutes a day on this study will help us better understand how the virus is affecting Oregonians. If you were randomly selected, please consider taking part to help your community stay open.”

The study will be important to understanding the spread and health consequences of COVID-19.

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