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Joseph Charter School volleyball team members Mckenzie Keffer, right, and Cooper Nave take part in an open gym in the school’s new gym on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021.

ENTERPRISE — On the volleyball court, there is a lot of excitement — and a little shock — that a season is going to happen.

“I didn’t really expect it. More for Eastern Oregon, we already had a small season,” Joseph head coach Jill Hite said. “So I really wasn’t expecting us to get another round, but the girls and I were super excited about it. The fact we can play again, we’ll take that any time.”

County teams can officially start practice Monday, Feb. 22, but already were starting to have open gyms after last week’s announcement that volleyball could resume in nonextreme risk counties, such as Wallowa.

“A little bit of relief and excitement, just because this year has been everything but normal,” Wallowa senior Ella Moeller said. “Being a senior, we missed out on a lot of things, including sports. To hear we have a chance to play sports again that brought a lot of excitement and maybe hope that things are getting better.”

The teams already have an idea of what the season will be like after they got some action during Season 1 in the fall. The masks, sparse crowds and safety protocols will likely be in place again.

“They got a good taste of what is going to be like in the fall,” said Wallowa head coach Janea Hulse. “We were able to play our normal game, with the exception of wearing face masks, and to have people to sanitize the ball and equipment. We didn’t have to change rules like football. They are excited to get something competition-wise.”

Enterprise head coach Lisa Farwell said she also wasn’t sure if the season would take place, and is happy to see the players have the opportunity to do any activity.

“I’m excited to get to play volleyball whenever we get to play volleyball. It’s just been such an odd year,” she said. “We thought we were not going to be ago. … It’s just good to see them playing anything....

“If I was told we could play lacrosse, we would play lacrosse.”

Claire Farwell, Lisa’s daughter and a senior on the volleyball team, said she’s happy just to get any activity after what’s been a year that’s had some disappointment.

“As a senior, senior year is supposed to be your year. (You) come together and it’s the best year,” she said. “Just the fact we have been able to be in school, we are luckier than most kids in our state. The news last week, it was exciting. I assumed we’d be able to play volleyball. I’m just hoping we’ll be able to play softball and basketball, too.”

Teams can start playing the week of March 1. The season will be five weeks, with a sixth culminating week during the week of April 5.

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