The 2015 Wallowa County Fair’s 4-H and FFA livestock auction once again set a record for the annual event, totaling $292,343 in sales, up from last year’s $249,249. In all, approximately 153 kids sold market animals at the Saturday, Aug. 8, auction, which featured swine, steers, sheep, goats, and one market chicken. Following are lists of sale prices (per pound) along with those sales’ respective buyers.


Emma Starner-Durning, 4-H, $5.25, KWVR.


Katie Wilbur, 4-H grand champion, $7.00, Boise Cascade; Ian Goodrich, 4-H reserve grand champion, $6.00, Quail Run Ranch; Mason McDowell, 4-H, $6.25, Double Arrow; Devin Schreiber, 4-H, $6.00, Eagle Cap Dispensaries; Maclane Melville, 4-H, $6.00, C3 Ranch; Jordan Ferré, FFA, $7.25, Cory Miller Fencing; Ashley Starner-Durning, 4-H, $8.75, Red Barn.


Clayne Miller, FFA grand champion, $5.50, John Howard Associates; Samantha Wightman, 4-H grand champion, $5.75, WCGG; Emma Carlsen, FFA reserve grand champion, $4.00, WCGG; Ella Anderson, 4-H, $4.00, Grand Ronde Lodge; Aaron Clary, FFA, $4.10, Enterprise Electric/WC Construction; Brianna Micka, 4-H, $4.10, Paul’s Chevron; Megan Jones, FFA, $4.20, Paul’s Chevron; Carsyn Miller, 4-H, $4.20, Triple Creek Ranch; Chance Arbogast, 4-H, $4.20, 1917; Tiara Huffman, FFA, $4.20, Enterprise School Employees; Zari Bathke, 4-H, $4.20, Barreto Manufacturing; Timmy Wells, 4-H, $4.00, KK Farms; TJ Grote, FFA, $4.30, Cory Miller Fencing; Renee Seal, 4-H, $4.30, Grey Beal Distributors; Tiffanie George, FFA, $4.10, Edison, Perry & Co.; Josie Wearin, 4-H, $4.40, Buckhorn Ranch; Jesse Woodhead, FFA, $4.00, New Holland; Eva Anderson, 4-H, $4.00, Stangels; Lexi Gassett, FFA, $4.00, WM Medical; Zoey Leith, 4-H, $4.00, Grey Beal; Brett Greenshields, FFA, $4.10, WCGG; Anna Rinehart, 4-H, $4.40, Les Schwab Tires; Caden Fent, 4-H, $4.00, McCadden Farms/Birkmaier Ranch; Quincee Zacharias, 4-H, $4.20, Zacharias Logging; Gracie Carlsen, FFA, $4.20, Norton Welding; Bethany Anderson, 4-H, $4.50, Sports Corral; Riley Gray, FFA, $4.00, Stein Construction; Tristan Bales, 4-H, $4.00, Barreto Mfg.; Eliza Irish, FFA, $3.90, WCGG; Camille Crenshaw, 4-H, $4.60, Henderson Logging; Kade Kilgore, FFA, $4.10, Joseph FFA Alumni/Joseph Family Foods; Ella Moeller, 4-H, $4.60, Baum/Smith; Kurt Norton, FFA, $4.20, Thompson Auto; Gracie Niezen, 4-H, $4.00, Milligan Motors; Taylor Grote, $7.25, Les Schwab; Cameron Salmon, 4-H, $4.20, Wolf Farm Inc.; Guylen Snyder, 4-H, $4.30, Palette Ranch; Darby Gassett, FFA, $4.10, WCGG; Cadney Bacon, 4-H, $4.00, WCGG; Dylan Staigle, FFA, $4.40, Triple Creek Ranch; Morgan Cameron, 4-H, $4.50, Ace Hardware; Gabrielle Wells, FFA, $4.00, WCGG; Greta Carlsen, 4-H, $4.10, Main St. Motors; Jimmy Wells, FFA, $4.00, Community Bank; Michael Diggins, 4-H, $4.10, Bear Creek Logs/Goebel’s; Willie Gibbs, 4-H, $4.10, Glen & Patty Engelking; Layla Snyder, 4-H, $4.10, Karl & Karen Patton; Maggie Zacharias, 4-H, $4.30, Zacharias Logging; Ashley Campbell, FFA, $3.90, Norton Welding; Jalyn Barney, 4-H, $4.00, Thompson Auto; Cole Kiesecker, FFA, $4.10, Pioneer West; Matthew Beck, 4-H, $4.10, Henderson Fuel/Garrett Lowe; Klint Norton, FFA, $4.40, BTO Logging; Gracie Ellis, 4-H, $4.10, Schaffeld Dental; Raymond Seal, FFA, $4.00, Yost Ranch; Cassidy Herrod, 4-H, $4.00, Vemco; Ruben Hunt, 4-H, $3.90, TNC Shed Hunters; Harlie Stein, 4-H, $5.10, Stein Distillery; Bailey Vernam, 4-H, $4.30, Vernam Crane; Addie Kilgore, FFA, $3.90, Chief Joseph Days/Growney Bros.; Cody Fent, 4-H, $3.80, Boise Cascade; Cole Gomes, 4-H, $3.70, Umpqua Bank/Wallowa County Chieftain/Ed Staub; Kennison Knifong, 4-H, $3.70, Rockin 11 Ranch; Lane Tanzey, 4-H, $4.70, BL Lathrop; Kaesie Williams, 4-H, $4.00, Twisted J Farms; Chelsea Campbell, 4-H, $3.70, Vemco; Landon Greenshields, 4-H, $4.00, Jones Excavating; Sarah Aschenbrenner, FFA, $4.10, Thompson Auto; Chris Bathke, FFA, $3.70, Tropical Snow.


Trevor McFetridge, FFA grand champion, $3.10, BK Auto Salvage; Aspen Birkmaier, 4-H grand champion, $4.10, Heavenly’s; Lauren Makin, FFA reserve grand champion, $3.20, Spang Construction/Spangus Cattle; McKenzie Langerman, 4-H reserve grand champion, $3.10, Intermountain Livestock; Zane Hermens, FFA, $3.10, Wolf Farms; Owen Mallory, 4-H, $2.80, Rockin J Ranch; Zyler Hermens, FFA, $2.90, Sky Krebs; Chloe Birkmaier, 4-H, $3.40, Gail Hammack; Tate Olsen, FFA, $3.10, Triple Creek Ranch; Zeb Hermens, 4-H, $3.00, Wayne & Gordon Wolfe; Emma Hite, FFA, $3.00, Kreb’s Livestock; Gideon Gray, 4-H, $3.00, WV Health District; Katelyn Diggins, FFA, $3.00, M Crow & Co.; Alona Yost, 4-H, $3.30, Triple Creek Ranch; Aaron Schaafsma, FFA, $3.00, Probert Ranchers; Hailey Cunningham, 4-H, $3.50, Valley Bronze; Kobe Ketscher, FFA, $3.00, Hermens & Sheehy; Hayden Hite, 4-H, $3.20, Chesnimnus Creek Cattle; Will McCadden, FFA, $3.20, Rockin 11/IML; Harley Miller, 4-H, $3.00, Triple Creek Ranch; Wyatt Smith, FFA, $3.10, Beef Northwest; Zeb Ramsden, 4-H, $3.10, Birkmaier Ranch; Marli Tracy, FFA, $2.90, B&B Hay/NW Farm Credit; Sidney Stonebrink, 4-H, $3.00, Wilford Properties/Dan Warnock; Ashley Exon, FFA, $3.00, Thompson Auto; Taylor Baremore, 4-H, $3.00, New Holland; Kobe Frye, FFA, $2.90, Oregon Hay; Jordyn Stonebrink, 4-H, $3.10, TNC Shed Collectors; Haley Miller, FFA, $2.90, Double Arrow; Maddi Tracy, FFA, $2.90, Robbins Equipment/Main St. Feed Store; Zane Mallory, FFA, $3.00, MCO Enterprises; Trace Evans, 4-H, $2.90, Marr Flat/Mt. Joseph Cattle; Gus Ramsden, FFA, $3.10, High View/Wheatland/RY Timber; Jakob Hoffman, 4-H, $2.90, Wayne Cook Livestock; Deidre Schreiber, 4-H, $3.10, Thompson Auto; Hadley Miller, FFA, $2.90, Pepsi; Bryce Melville, 4-H, $2.80, Anderson Perry; Lute Ramsden, 4-H, $2.30, TML; Lannie Stonebrink, 4-H, $3.10, Dan Baremore/Bar B Ranch.


Shelby Moncrief, FFA grand champion, $7.00, Hancock Forest Management; Maddie McDowell, 4-H grand champion, $11.00, Tamarack Ranch; Ally Wearin, FFA reserve grand champion, $8.00, Joseph Hardware; Jake Coggins, 4-H reserve grand champion, $8.00, Rynerson Construction; Garrett Kincade, 4-H, $8.00, Tide Water Construction; Andrew Matthews, 4-H, $7.25, Conerstone Farms; Libby Fisher, 4-H, $8.00, MF Timber/Bales Mobile Mix; JohnPaul Matthews, 4-H, $7.75, Cornerstone Farms; Gwen Jensen, FFA, $8.00, WV Dental; Aubrina Melville, 4-H, $8.25, Community Bank; Issak Hoffman, 4-H, $8.00, Wallowa Foods/Stewart Jones Design; Kacie Melville, FFA, $8.30, Community Bank; Ryder Goller, 4-H, $8.25, Fisher Trucking; Johanna Wells, 4-H, $7.50, Wallowa Resources; Reagan Bedard, 4-H, $7.50, BOE; Chase Duncan, 4-H, $8.00, Les Schwab; Bailee Wilcox, FFA, $7.25, Barreto Mfg.; Bernadette Matthews, 4-H, $7.00, WCGG; Kaylie Melville, 4-H, $7.50, Krebs; Kevin Plew, 4-H, $8.25, Neil’s Body Shop; Emma Stanley, 4-H, $7.25, Lostine Tavern; Emily George, FFA, $7.25, Lostine Tavern; Avery Bedard, 4-H, $7.50, Tamarack Ranch; Jackie Jensen, FFA, $8.00, WV Dental; Karli Bedard, 4-H, $8.25, WLV Rentals; Andrew Boyd, $8.00, Roger Motors/NW Fencing; Sam Schaafsma, 4-H, $8.50, Barreto Mfg.; Brad Scudder, 4-H, $8.00, WW Clinic/Joseph Excavation; Blair Brock, FFA, $8.50, IML; Josi Coggins, 4-H, $8.00, WCGG; Orianna Wandschneider, FFA, $8.50, Joseph FFA Alumni; Jacob Falk, 4-H, $8.00, Dan Gover; Katie Hoffman, 4-H, $8.75, Eagle Freightliner/Enterprise Animal Hospital; Courtney Tippett, 4-H, $11.00, Skye Krebs; Emma Salmon, 4-H, $9.75, Dr. Johnson; Dakota Delyria, 4-H, $10.25, WCGG/BOE; Kasey Duncan, 4-H, $10.75, Zions Bank/Chris & Mary Cunningham.

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