Fishtrap Story Lab inspires youth throughout Wallowa County to share their stories creatively, confidently, and playfully. Beginning with a focus on narrative craft, the program provides students with a host of multimedia tools—from video and animation equipment to music production software and beyond—to hone their skills as writers and producers. Story Lab emboldens students to explore themselves and the places they inhabit, encouraging personal growth and thoughtful participation in community conversation. The result is a generative program as rich and lively as Wallowa County itself.

Kevin Plew, 8th Grade



A perfect circle.

Always shows the perfect time.

Makes every angel.


Falling from the sky,

The sun’s rays make it glisten.

Falls soft, then grows deep.



Leaves turn in the fall.

Blue skies with snow on the ground.

Sun on the green grass.


Birds call from above.

Last howl of coyotes at dawn.

The song of bull elk.


Popcorn at the movies.

The taste of melting chocolate.

Coffee in the morning.

Hateful Nate

There was a tall fellow named Nate.

He hit his head and was full of hate.

His mom said to grow-up.

He told her to shut-up.

His mom got mad so he fell to his fate.


Yellow the color that looks like a hot summer’s day.

It smells as fresh as a cup of lemonade.

Feels like a smooth finished table.


Blue the color of sadness.

Smells like fear.

Tastes like water: bland and soft.

Always there, but comes out only as wished.


Red the color of love.

Like the hearts of a newlywed couple.

Smells like roses and fresh chocolate.

Tastes like happiness that will never leave.


Purple the color of darkness.

Smells like hate.

Tastes like a bitter blade of grass that won’t leave.


Better than green, that’s the theme.

And quite dark.

Can make an Ark.

Killing you all the time.

Prompt: Poetry, poetry, poetry. Whether you love it or are terrified by it, poems are a fascinating form. Some poems, like the haiku below, rely on a set form (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables). Others, like limericks, rely on a rhyme scheme (aa, bb, a). What kind of poems do you like to write? Find a brief moment today and try your hand at poetry.

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