It was a real snow fest this year as the Annual Fergi Fest at Ferguson Ski Ridge outside of Joseph enjoyed the blessing of abundant white stuff.

The weather was on-again off-again with black clouds rolling in every hour or so and driving celebrants into the clubhouse, but when it was clear it was slushy-but-grand.

The Lion’s Club owns Ferguson Ridge Ski Area and plans the annual celebration.

Fergi Fest is about friends meeting friends and fun in the snow –– when there is some.

The excitement of the day this year came when the notoriously uncontrollable Lawn Chair Races were launched.

Jerry Hustafa lowered himself into the web of his shorty lawn chair veteran racing sled and lined up against Rocky Thies, mounted on a three-time champion sled, Terminal Gravity Beer’s “The Black Death.”

It was Hustafa’s year. He shot down the course like greased lightning and achieved such a rate of speed he overshot the finish line and slid past the club house headed for the muddy parking lot.

There was a loud thump and the crowd rushed around the clubhouse to find a parked truck had halted Hustafa’s forward momentum.

Hustafa, who was wearing a helmet, was dragged out from under the truck and assured all he was fine. The Hustafa sled was a tangled heap, but a new lawn chair and a hammer and it will live to race again.

Children’s ski golf

1st Bryce Yanke, 9; 2nd (first name missing) Locke; 3rd Steve Speight, 11.

Men’s ski golf

1st Jeff Janke; 2nd Lou Perry; 3rd Bryan Oliver.

Little kid’s downhill race

1st Brandon Yanke; 2nd Linden Arentsen, 7; 3rd Brody Foster, 6.

Pre-teen downhill race

1st Alexander Perry, 11; 2nd Lauren Emily McBurney, 10.

Teens downhill race

Keelan McBurney, 13; Finn Both, 16, of Kirkland, Wash.

Women’s downhill race

1st Chantay Jett; 2nd Amy Bush; 3rd Cynthia Armentrout.

Men’s downhill race

1st Jerry Hustafa; 2nd Rocky Thies; 3rd Scott Miller.

Lawnchair race

1st Jerry Hustafa; 2nd Rocky Thies.

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