It’s been a busy year for the Joseph FFA with competitions, officer elections, fundraising, and learning. Now everything is winding down with the coming of the end of the school year. On May 5, 2016 Joseph FFA had there 61th annual awards banquet. It was a great time for the members, students, supporters and parents to come together to recognized Joseph FFA’s outstanding members and supporters of FFA this year. Here is a list of award winners:

• Hadley Miller and Josey Wearin received the Outstanding Discovery Award

• Kade Kilgore and TJ Grote received the Star Greenhand Award

• Annie Story and Riley Warnock received the Super Sophomore Award

• Johnelle Suto and Addie Kilgore received the Star Chapter Farmer Award

• Raymond Seal and Jessie Woodhead received the Outstanding Chapter Member Award

A big congratulations to Raymond for receiving the Outstanding Chapter Member Award. He also was selected as the State FFA Treasurer. The whole chapter is extremely proud of you.

• Lance Homan received the Joseph FFA Honorary Chapter Degree 2016 Award.

• Denna and Cory Miller, John Roberts, Sean Steer and Lisa Seal received the Joseph FFA Distinguished Service 2016 Award.

And special congratulations to Johnelle Suto, Addie Kilgore, Ally Cooney, Annie Duncan and Morgan Forney, who received their state FFA degrees.

At the end of the wonderful dinner, the chapter officers announced the 2016-2017 officers.

They are:

President Addie Kilgore, Vice President Johnelle Suto, Secretary Annie Story, Treasurer Cole Kiesecker, Reporter Tori Suto, Sentinel Riley Warnock, Historian Maddie

Bailey, Farm Manager Haley Miller, Communications Officer Kade Kilgore and Junior Advisor Emma Hite.

We are looking forward to an exciting year to come. The Joseph FFA would like to thank all who helped to make this year successful, including all those who volunteer, donate and make this chapter a success. Joseph FFA would like to thank all who attended the banquet this year, which includes: those who attended, brought food to share, and all the family members who support Joseph throughout the year. We could not do this without your support and love.

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