Dear Residents of Joseph, Oregon

I grew up in Walla Walla. My aunt and uncle had a cabin close to the Aneroid trailhead above Wallowa Lake for thirty-five years. I spent most of my summers in Joseph and the surrounding mountains. The first Joseph Days Parade I saw had Walter Brennan as the Grand Marshall. I caught my first trout in Wallowa Lake. I always believed that the people of Eastern Oregon were upright, noble folks who didn't mess with or buy into the liberal foolishness that seemed to be taking over the rest of the State—environmental wackism, drug use, the hippie movement and now Antifa and the climate change fraud. Imagine my shock and surprise when I visited Joseph this summer and walked into a store selling prime marijuana buds! Unbelievable! The upright citizens of Joseph should be ashamed of themselves. Marijuana is not a harmless drug, it is a gateway to a world of hell. And yet, there it was, right in the heart of town—a shop where any twenty-one year old can walk in and buy pot for YOUR CHILDREN. In the old days, this kind of behavior would have been cause for a bucket of tar, some feathers, and a pine pole. Wake up, Eastern Oregon. Your values and what you have always stood for are being stolen from you—leeched away by the creeping crud known as liberalism. If you still have any backbones, you will make it impossible for this store to stay.

Pat Craig

Caldwell, Idaho

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