To the Editor:

Mr. Wandschneider’s claim that “racial fear” is what “supports the current political regime” (falling back on the good ‘ol “white-evangelical-Trump-supporters-are-racists” argument) employs broad generalizations and speaks to his apparent ignorance of the race issues currently abounding in our country.

He must be unfamiliar with the “neo-segregation” unfolding across our nation, instigated by the progressives. He must be unfamiliar with the National Association of Scholars’ project finding more than 40% of the college campuses they surveyed offer segregated residences and graduation ceremonies in an effort to make their campuses more appealing to black students. He must also be unfamiliar with Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson calling Justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom”, and our beloved TIME Magazine’s reference to “Uncle Tom Justice.” Is it Americans rejecting the integration of different cultures with our own, or does he have it backwards?

To claim Wallowa County residents fear “the floodgates of new immigrants and the tilt of the nationwide racial balance” is misguided at best. Citizens here and across America do not fear the color of their neighbor’s skin, but the rejection of American ideals that some immigrants espouse as they illegally cross our borders, victimize our fellow countrymen and accept the gracious benefits of a social welfare system never intended for them. It’s time people stop throwing the race card around and take to heart Dr. King’s exhortation to look beyond the color of one‘s skin and instead at the content of one’s character. We might be surprised by what we see.

Rebecca Patton


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