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Tamara Fuchs’ book “Blossom’s FearLess Journal” is part self-help and part biography, a guide to overcoming fear and living well.

ENTERPRISE — Tamara Fuchs’ book, “Blossom’s FearLess Journal: A path toward courage,” begins with purpose: to bring true transformation to its readers.

“We’ve all been through a global crisis and we all need a little extra support to find our new normal,” Fuchs said.

The 476-page, full-color book is an all-Wallowa County production, with photographs by her husband, Tom Fuchs, design and paintings by Summer Derrickson and a forward by Center for Wellness’ Dr. Stephen Kliewer. “Blossom’s FearLess Journal” will be published by Fuchs’ company, Blossom Integrated Health, on Sept. 1 and can be ordered through The Bookloft in Enterprise in a color version or black-and-white version.

“The book addresses not just physical health, but emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual health as well, so you can have a lot of good balance and a well-rounded life,” Fuchs said. “It’s about where have you been, where you are now, where do you want to be and let’s get you there.”

“Blossom’s FearLess Journal” provides information and workbook pages designed to steer its readers into a grace-guided pathway through life, through work on a dozen “healing habits,” including mindfulness, compassion, connection and finding your purpose. It is designed to be used for an entire year, with each of the 12 chapters providing a month’s work on a different aspect of healing.

Fuchs, a retired neurodiversity specialist and health teacher is presently a certified integrative health coach. She has faced down multiple health crises in her own life. Her book is based upon her experiences in overcoming them, and her work in helping her clients address their own needs.

“I started this book in February to support a personal challenge I set for myself called ‘FearLess February.’ I received news on Jan. 28 that I had been misdiagnosed with cancer, specifically carcinoid neuroendocrine tumors,” she said. “So I took the month of February to let my body, mind and soul let go of all the fear that a cancer diagnosis infuses into your life and see where I stood physically.”

Fuchs wrote much of her book this spring while taking a class in writing through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

“It started as a way to keep close track and communicate clearly with my doctors,” she said. “After my stroke six years ago, I went through the complex process of learning to talk correctly and communicate effectively. I used journaling as one of the tools to restore my abilities to live a full and happy life.”

She credited the practitioners at Winding Waters’ Triple H Clinic as being instrumental in recovering her health.

“The doctors and I have worked hard, and I’ve really thrived,” she said. “I’ve lost more than 100 pounds over the past three years. I’ve gotten rid of many diseases, and I decided I’d put it in a book to help others.”

Fuchs has infused her experience as a life and health skills teacher into the pages of “Blossom’s FearLess Journal.”

That includes, she said, “how to make a decision, how to problem-solve, how to know if you are being disrespected and need to walk away, or how do you open your ears to hear the intent, not the clumsy words, that somebody is saying.”

Fuchs says in her introduction that fear is a motivator, something the trials in her life illustrates.

“It can serve as a signal to pay attention, to find new ways of living, and to discover new perspectives on how to activate grace in our lives,” the introduction reads. “The single takeaway from this message is this: A life filled with gratitude leads to a life full of peace and joy, which are the gifts that the universe provides in response to our gratitude.”

She considers the book particularly timely.

“We’re all in an existential crisis at this point,” Fuchs said. “Fear is one of the main factors. It’s great timing for the book to come out now.”

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