Waves crashing beneath a moon and stars evoke “When Chaos Becomes Creation,” by Denise Elizabeth Stone, the winner of the People’s Choice Award in the “Hello From Lockdown” exhibit that ended Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020 at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in Joseph.

JOSEPH — Denise Elizabeth Stone, of La Grande, was voted winner of the People’s Choice Award at the “Hello From Lockdown” art exhibit that ended Wednesday, Nov. 18, at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in Joseph.

Stone’s winning entry was a mixed-media collage called, “When Chaos Becomes Creation.”

It is a watercolor batik on tissue paper that also included acrylics, said Megan Wolfe, program coordinator at the center.

Cheryl Coughlan, director of the center and curator of the exhibit, said many artists were prompted to work in a medium that were not where their regular efforts lay.

Stone agreed that she, too, was inspired to work outside her usual medium. She said she usually does not do collages.

“It is a collage using batik watercolor papers,” she said, adding that she’s mostly known for batik. “I used elements from batik, but the lockdown spurred me into different ways of doing things.”

As for the title of her work, she called it a bit of a metaphor for the creative process.

“It feels kind of chaotic at the beginning, but eventually comes together,” Stone said. “Chaos is part of the creative process.”

And, she said, chaos can be found all over.

“What I was thinking about when titling it … it made me think of the creation of the universe, which often comes out of chaos,” she said. “I just added some painted elements including the moon and dots on there to enhance the blues. I used a complimentary color — orange — and some bright colors to direct the eyes.”

Stone was one of 19 artists who submitted 36 pieces to the exhibit, Wolfe said. The exhibit was held to show what artists could do in spite of the COVID-related lockdown.

“Anybody who saw the show online or came in to see it voted and she won,” Wolfe said.

Stone will receive a check for $50 as her award, Wolfe said.

The center’s next show will be called “Who’s Your Buddy?” and will focus on pets, Coughlan said. Those interested should submit their works by Tuesday, Dec. 1. The show will run from Jan. 8 to Feb. 22.

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