JOSEPH, OREGON — During the month of September Community Bank branches collected teacher nominations for their new Apple Appreciation Awards. The award acknowledges current K-12 teachers in the local community while also supporting school clubs. The winning teacher from each Community Bank location was presented with an Apple Appreciation Award trophy and asked to choose a club or student organization at their school to receive a $200 donation from the bank.

“We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of kind words for so many teachers in the region. They do incredible work educating our youth and we want to thank all the amazing teachers investing in our future,” said Community Bank President, Tom Moran.

The bank congratulates the teachers with the most nominations collected in the branches and online. The winners in Wallowa County were Shari Warnock, Julie Corson and Cody Lathrop.

Shari Warnock, the Imnaha School K-8 teacher in the Joseph School District received the most nominations in the Joseph area. “She has a great attitude and is always smiling,” “Shari treats all of the kids as if they were her own,” “She has great respect from parents, students, and the community,” and “She teaches 8 grades by herself and gives each child one on one attention” are a few of the many reasons noted on the nomination forms. The bank donation of $200 will go towards the Imnaha School field trip fund.

Enterprise Seventh Day Adventist K-4 teacher, Julie Corson, earned the Apple Appreciation Award with nomination reasons such as “Ms. Corson is a very caring, creative teacher,” “She’s selfless. She’s kind. She’s genuine. She LOVES kids and wants the best for everyone.” She will select a program at her school for the bank donation funds to support.

Wallowa High School’s new history and economics teacher, Cody Lathrop, chose the boys basketball program to benefit from the bank donation. Cody received the most nominations in that area, “He teaches us more than just stuff in books,” “He is a great teacher and tells a lot of cool stories,” and “He is very funny and good at explaining.”

The bank plans to continue the Apple Appreciation Awards each fall with plans to expand the nomination radius to include all schools within the counties where Community Bank does business.

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