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Salim is the drummer who keeps the band the Jake Walk Saints on track and up-beat.

From jumping high to pull up the last buzzer beating shot of the game, to snapping some epic shots of the lake and surrounding acreage, you can find David Salim in a handful of various places. While he enjoys school and shooting baskets with his younger sister Asiya, what really drives this 17 year old Enterprise High school junior is thumping across his drum kit.

The Enterprise High School band “...has given me a way to interact with different types of musicians, Salim says. “It has also taught me how to keep a group together.” I talked with him to see what other hobbies and evocations he has and enjoys. He says “drums — those are at the top of the list, but sports, especially baseball and basketball, are the main things that excite me the most.”

Salim is also part of the Jake Walk Saints local band. As the drummer he hosts the practices at his house, and he helps with communications. He will work with others to set performances, and other deals. Not only this, but he also has a huge part in the traveling as he provides the band’s traveling vehicle to and from numerous places.

The band over the summer was very busy with writing new material and numerous songs. They hope to find a way to travel farther and reach larger cities and groups of people. Salim says that the band hopes to continue writing new songs to hopefully get an album written and have a CD released in the near future.

When he is not traveling around with the bands or sports teams, David hits the books in school. Math to science, Salim is a great student with many talents in his education. He would love to somehow tie music into his college future; however, music doesn’t follow the theme of his ideas of earth sciences, mathematics, or various engineering courses going into college.

Many of his friends say that David is a sweet, caring and confident friend, who all could come to with any question or problem. David is also an active member of a school sanctioned group for student supporters called Natural Helpers. He attends meetings to be an even better help to those who may need him one day. “I mean he’s a super great guy; he has morals that I think we should all strive for. He is one of the nicest guys I know and a heck of an athlete as well! I aspire to be more like him every day,” says fellow classmate and friend Trace Evans.

Look for David out on the basketball court this winter, or attend one of the Jake Walk Saints performances along their growing journey as a band or listen for the honor roll names that inevitably include David Salim...

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