After being left alone and seemingly abandoned since March, Enterprise High School’s track and athletic field got a real workout Saturday afternoon in the form of the school’s graduation. Thirty-four seniors received diplomas, including 3 as valedictorians and 2 as salutatorians.

The outdoor ceremony went off without a hitch. Clouds that seemed to threaten never spilled a drop.

This was very much a student-centered ceremony. Students gave the speeches, led the songs, and their slide show wowed the audience—who used their phones to watch it stream on Facebook midway through the ceremony.

Graduation began with an entry procession of vehicles, each bearing a student and their immediate family. Kevin McCadden’s Corvette served as the pace car, leading the alphabetically organized procession onto the high school track, and parking them around the periphery of the field while the standard graduation entry of Pomp and Circumstance played over the loudspeakers.

The graduation ceremony began with a brief welcome by principal Blake Carlsen followed by a welcome by class president and valedictorian Tishrei Movich-Fields. She also delivered the first of three talks by the three class of 2020 valedictorians: herself, Natalie Goldsmith, and Anna Moholt.

Salutatorian Austyn Duncan focused her talk on the fact that life throws curveballs at you, and you never really know how many curveballs you are going to face. “Actually,” she said, “the idea of the future just kind of terrifies me in general. The amazing thing is that not all of the curveballs that life throws at you are bad.” Salutatorian Foster Hobbs turned his attention to the future. “Today,” he said, “the class of 2020 is stepping our into a world full of confusion, distrust and darkness. A world where we are farther apart than at any time in human history. It seems as though excitement and wonder are gradually disappearing. What can we do to fix this? My request to us all: take time to practice happiness and compassion. We have nothing to lose by being happy and kind, but we lose everything if we decide not to.”

Superintendent Erika Pinkerton presented the Enterprise High School class of 2020 for their diplomas by saying “I’m honored to present you for graduation because you are all full of excellence, you are full of honor, and you are full of humbleness. I’m extremely proud of each and every one of you and your accomplishments. I want to congratulate all of you. I’m happy to recommend that the students around the track have earned every component to the certificate of diploma in the great state of Oregon. I proudly present to you the Enterprise High School class of 2020.”

Following the award of diplomas, the Enterprise police and fire department escorted the cavalcade of cars, trucks, students, and families through Enterprise in the traditional celebratory, horn honking, siren blasting parade through downtown Enterprise.

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