ENTERPRISE — Fishtrap is announcing its 2021-22 season of online writing workshops, according to a press release.

A variety of classes from weekend seminars to month-long courses in poetry, fiction, essay, nonfiction and more will be offered. Join any of these classes virtually from wherever you are. Fishtrap will continue to add new workshops as the season progresses, so check back often for more opportunities to write, learn, and connect with others.

Learn more at Fishtrap.org.

Stalking the Story

Starting Saturday, Oct. 23 from 10 a.m. to noon, Stalking the Story: Learning Flexibility, Perspective and Patience with Your Work will be offered by Karen Auvinen.

To write well, you must learn to circle the story until it reveals itself to you, Auvinen says. Come play in this generative workshop meant to teach you how to stalk your writing. Exercises will spur writing that will surprise you and offer new perspective and energy to whatever you are working on. Poets, fiction writers, memoirists and the mildly curious are all welcome.

Registration is $60, or $55 for Fishtrappers.

Auvinen also will conduct a workshop called The Secret of Energy: Ways to Get Your Writing to Leap, Sing, and Smash! on Saturday, Nov. 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Participants will learn how the secret to a great story is not plot or fantastic characters but energy. Learn how a scene, essay, story or poem explodes off the page when energy is controlled by the writer. Explore taking leaps, leaving gaps and using language to create prose and a story that grabs readers. All writers of all levels are welcome. Plan to do some reading ahead of class and also write during class.

Registration is $120, or $110 for Fishtrappers.

Environmental Writing

Each Tuesday in November, beginning Nov. 2, at 6 p.m., Emily Withnall will lead Reimagining Environmental Writing, a one-hour, online nature and environmental writing workshop.

These disciplines are often narrowly conceived as fly-fishing or backpacking celebrations, or journalistic advocacy about an aspect of the climate crisis. In this generative workshop, however, Withnall will flip traditional understandings of environmental writing by reading work that pushes the traditional boundaries of the genre.

The workshop will take place for one hour each week for four consecutive weeks. Each session will include discussion of readings and ideas, brainstorming, and a generative prompt and writing time. By the end of the month, participants will have an essay drafted as well as resources for revision and publication.

Registration is $120, or $110 for Fishtrappers.

Writer as Mapmaker

In January, Fishtrap presents Writer as Mapmaker: An Online Essay Workshop with Corinna Cook.

These will take place 6-8 p.m. on four Tuesdays beginning Jan. 4.

In this workshop, participants will see how maps, like literature, tell us where we are and where we might go. Literature, like a good map, tells us what’s adjacent though just out of sight, what lies underfoot, where the firm boundaries lie and where they give way. The contemporary creative nonfiction essay serves as this workshop’s lens: participants will sample essays that treat maps as art, essays that expand maps into metaphor, and essays that make maps out of language. Participants will compile a class resource bank of chosen maps, engage with them via writing prompts and discussion and develop an original piece of writing that dialogues with a map of their choice.

This workshop is suitable for published authors, practicing students, writers who simply dabble and all thinkers interested in exploring nonfiction’s literary-cartographic lay of the land.

Registration is $240, or $214 for Fishtrappers.

Moments that Endure

In March, Fishtrap presents Ephemeral Moments that Endure: An Online Micro Essay Workshop with E.M. (Lizzie) Sloan.

The workshops will take place at 6-7:30 p.m. for four consecutive Wednesdays beginning March 9.

In the vein of flash/micro/brevity nonfiction, this workshop will play with isolated scenes that you find are buried deep in the recesses of your mind, your heart, your soul. Dig into the hollows and bring to light those hidden flickers of memory/experience. Participants will dip into the popular topic of nostalgia (COVID-19 trauma seems to have reawakened this psychology) by enlivening our senses through writing prompts of ephemeral moments. Whether deep in a work in progress, ready to start again or just want to have fun writing without a goal hanging over you, this workshop should help keep ideas flowing and ink dripping.

Registration is $180, or $160 for Fishtrappers.

Recipes from Poems

On four consecutive Saturdays beginning April 2, Nellie Bridge will lead an online poetry workshop called Recipes from Poems We Love.

The workshops take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This generative poetry workshop takes as its starting point the appreciation, wonder and beauty in poems you love. Everyone in this workshop will bring an inspiring poem to share and use some part of it (structure, voice, occasion, style, device) to craft a poem of your own. We will create recipes for poems together, discuss a poem’s parts and write freely with a goal to create five or more new poems during the class.

Registration is $240, or $215 for Fishtrappers.

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