JOSEPH — A virtual fundraiser is being planned by the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in support of the Key to Our Future capital campaign to purchase and renovate the building, according to a press release.

The fundraiser will be held at 6:30 p.m. April 15.

The goal is to raise $50,000 — to be matched by MJ Murdock Charitable Trust — in less than one hour.

The event, hosted by special guest Andy Lindberg — an actor and host of the podcast Kick A** Oregon History — will include a short presentation about the campaign, donor recognition, testimonials from local artists and residents and prizes.

“This fundraiser is short and simple by design,” Development Director Kellee Sheehy said. “We’ve run this campaign on a very lean budget and have tried to maximize every donated dollar. Even though we can’t offer a lot of frills and thrills, we believe that Wallowa County residents will show up for this event and give — just because they want to.”

Like many other events this year, the center’s virtual fundraiser format is in compliance with COVID-19 safety restrictions.

“The Josephy Center is a gathering place; and, as much as we’d love to fundraise with everyone under the same roof, having a virtual event now means that we will have endless opportunities to gather safely in the future,” Executive Director Cheryl Coughlan said.

Long-time library Director Rich Wandschneider relayed the importance of the capital campaign in this way:

“The Josephy Center began as an idea in a borrowed building,” he said. “Now the building is a place of joy and beauty that helps further our understanding of the past and celebrates all people — from the Nez Perce who have lived here for thousands of years, to the young people of Wallowa County finding their way with color and clay. Now the building can be ours and that idea can keep growing.”

The Key to Our Future campaign is focused on making the Josephy Center a permanent home for arts and culture in the county, as well as restoring and expanding the center to elevate visitor experience and fit the growing needs of the community.

The campaign is set up in phases: Phase One focuses on the building purchase, critical safety repairs and accessibility for all. Phase Two focuses on the renovation and expansion of the building which will increase functionality, accessibility and programming.

To participate in the fundraising event, register online at or call 541-432-0505. Registration is free of charge.

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