The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture announced Monday, June 28, 2021, that it has achieved the long-awaited goal of purchasing the building it’s been leasing. The next step is to expand the building.

JOSEPH — The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in Joseph became the official owners to the building it has been leasing at 403 N. Main St. on Wednesday, June 23.

In a press release to supporters Monday, Development Director Kellee Sheehy said, “As a donor and supporter, you’ve built this home for arts and culture one exhibit, one class and one event at a time. Every minute you’ve spent contemplating a work of art, every person you’ve invited through the doors, every canvas you’ve colored, every piece of clay you molded, every idea you’ve discussed within these walls, and every penny you’ve so generously given has built this organization just as if you had laid the logs yourself. You should be so proud. We are.”

Because of the tremendous community support the center has received, the Ford Family Foundation decided to grant the Josephy Center $230,000 to help with much-needed accessibility renovations. This money will cover the cost of an elevator, wheelchair ramps, Americans with Disabilities Act bathrooms, a special sound system for those who have a hard time hearing and more.

Also, the center was just informed that it will be receiving $600,000 from state lottery funds for the expansion and renovation of the building.

The recent capital campaign was one of 11 art-related capital projects in Oregon chosen to be endorsed by the Cultural Advocacy Coalition. Just a week after completing Phase I of the campaign for the purchase and repair of the building, the center is already nearly halfway to its Phase II goal for the expansion of its classrooms and workspaces.

But, Sheehy said in the release, while it might temporarily feel like the center is “rolling in the dough,” anyone who’s been involved in any do-it-yourself projects lately is aware of the cost of lumber and other building materials and knows that this money will only stretch so far.

“Luckily, because the Josephy Center is now a permanent part of the county, we’re in it for the long haul and can keep growing slowly and steadily with our amazing community,” Sheehy said. “Thank you again for making this happen. We’re so lucky to have loyal and dedicated patrons like you.”

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