When asked what drawing means to her, Kodie Paige Kiser, a 15-year-old Enterprise High School sophomore, simply replied, “It’s not necessarily therapeutic, but it calms me down; it’s really fun to sit down to draw and paint!” Her recent works include designing the logo for her brother’s band, The Jake Walk Saints.

Kiser sat down to tell me all about her love for art and what she wants to accomplish with the great skills she possesses.

“So, what got me into drawing was in the 6th grade, so about 3 or 4 years ago. I was really into the stretched portraits and the haunted mansion,” Kiser said “and so I drew them, and it all escalated from there into actually doing art.”

“What inspires me most is people. I really like drawing people; I would say that’s what I’m best at,” Kiser said. “In general, probably TV shows and scenery is what I enjoy when doing watercolor. For more sketched drawings, I lean towards people and things that are living, and things that I can give personality and a life to.” She said that forest scenes are her favorite, and water and the ocean are always fun to draw and color as well.

Many others have noticed the skills and the potential art gift that young Kiser has. A huge opportunity came to Kiser from her older brother, Casey Kiser. He asked her to do the logo for his band, The Jake Walk Saints, at the beginning of the summer, which she fully and happily took on. The task was to hand-draw and color the logo that many people would see and associate with the growing band. “I remember him mentioning earlier that he wanted something with cards, and the colors black and red with a cat.” From there, Kiser drew a black cat with beautiful green eyes and three cards that read the band’s name.

Kiser also said that she “would love to get into the more business part of designing logos and doing animations which would be super fun.” After high school, she has thought about art college; however, she hasn’t decided yet. In the future she would definitely like to do animations to music, and thinks “doing logos would be really fun for a side job.”

At school, you can find Kiser packing her big red flip sketch book along with her many pencils and blending tools. She is always drawing and improving her art techniques and skills. “I have art class to do art for my assignments, but in my own spare time, I like to do art and sit and just relax and be chill,” Kiser said.

Editors note: This column by Enterprise High School student Destiny Wecks is the first of a new series of columns and contributions by high school students from across Wallowa County.

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