ENTERPRISE — A boy takes a hike to a favorite country spot, has a nap and a dream and embarks on a flight of fancy is the gist of a children’s book by Enterprise banker-turned-author Nick Porter.

“Nicholas Flies,” a 25-page book partially illustrated by Porter’s now-deceased father, is on sale at the Bookloft or online, he said.

“It’s kind of an interesting story because my dad was going to do some of the drawings for it. He worked up two or three or four and then passed away unfortunately and wasn’t able to finish it,” Porter said. “The book starts and ends with two of his illustrations and the publishing company provided illustrations from some of their artists for the rest of it.”

Not an artist himself, Porter does lay claim to being a singer and a musician. Now, he can add author to that list.

“I wrote it a long time ago and set it aside,” he said. “I never did too much with it until finally one day, I decided I may as well try it and after a short period of time, I got a positive response back.”

The story is of a boy who hikes from his country home one summer day to his favorite place — a meadow down by a creek and filled with all the expected country sounds.

“He takes a nap after having a lunch and has a dream of a great friend who comes to visit and they have an adventure or two,” Porter said. “It’s just a fanciful little story.”

He’s not sharing any spoilers about how or whether Nicholas actually flies or how his adventures turn out.

“We’ll leave that to the readers,” the Eastern Oregon native said. “It’s a compilation of my memories as a kid. I come from a family of 10 kids and every summer, my parents would send me up to a ranch near North Powder and I’d spend the summer working cows and doing farm chores, hiking and riding horses, up in the rimrocks and out in the prairie. I got the bug early on and knew I wanted to be up here. So, this book is a compilation of my memories of a lot of those sights and sounds.”

For the past four years, Porter has had a home along the Lewiston Highway. His children are all grown and live in the Portland area. He does, however, have a brother in the Enterprise area. Porter works at Umpqua Bank.

“Nicholas Flies” is available at the Bookloft, Porter said, or online for $12.95. He said the Bookloft had just one copy left, but they’re ordering more.

“From all the feedback I’ve had, all the kids who’ve read it have really enjoyed it,” he said.

Will there be more from the pen of Nick Porter?

“I’ve had a couple ideas,” he said. “We’ll just have to see.”

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