Among the many public event casualties of COVID-19 this spring, Mountain High Broncs and Bulls is among the biggest and most anticipated to fall. The MHBB Board of Directors made a difficult, but unanimous decision to cancel the 2020 event late last week.

Scheduled for June 20, the MHBB rodeo features everything from kids’ fun events (mutton-busting, especially) to adrenaline-soaked, action-packed wild horse racing, with bull riding and ranch rodeo broncs in-between. It is a trip in time to an old west that will be sorely missed this year. Last year the event attracted champion bronc riders from the national ranch rodeo circuit as well as local favorites Rylie Warnock , Ray Baird, and Robby DeVore. It has also proved a great training ground for future bull fighting stars and up-and-coming bull riders. Indian wild horse teams from across the northwest also have competed in the past.

In a statement released late last week, MHBB president Jeffery Wecks and the board said:

“We realized our community is struggling and we need positive things to look forward to. However, this coronavirus has pulled out all its stops on our community. The Mountain High Broncs and Bulls Board of Directors made a unanimous decision to cancel the MHBB event for this year. Notifications to our contractors, vendors and sponsors has begun and will continue in the days to come. For those sponsors who have paid, we will reach out to you very soon.”

But don’t count MHBB out for long. The board is planning a re-ride for 2021. They also want to plan something for this year once public gatherings are back in the saddle.

“We will survive this and will come back ready next year to put on the best free rodeo event you can attend,” the board’s statement said. “We hope to provide something fun for the community in the 2020 future when things are released and public events can be safe. Watch for details on our social media, website and Facebook.”

That’s a plan!

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