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Photo: Ray Daggett, Vic Crow, John Freels

100 years ago

May 8, 1919

Work on the forest road to the north end of the county was resumed by the government this week. It is desired to have a crew of 30 men at the headquarters camp at Sled Springs, and another camp of equal size will be established elsewhere on the job.

When logging begins in earnest in the Swamp Creek timber of the East Oregon Lumber company, the men will find life more attractive than in the past. A large amusement hall and club house will be built by the Loyal Legion men and the company will construct a bath house for the men. The company is building portable living quarters which will be carried on railroad cars to the various scenes of work.

No person is permitted to haul away trash or rubbish from lots or alleys in town to the city dump ground without a permit from Jake Bauer, who has consented to take charge of this troubled problem. He will give a permit to any person wishing to haul away his own rubbish, but no one will be permitted to haul trash for others.

70 years ago

May 5, 1949

Approximately 15,000 hot lunches were served to students of the Enterprise grade and high schools during the past six months. Students in the first five grades paid 20 cents for their lunch and the other grades paid 25 cents.

Three young Joseph boys were seriously injured when the car in which they were riding failed to make a turn in the Hurricane Creek highway near the Charles Crow farm and plunged over a seven-foot embankment.

A circuit court jury brought in a verdict last week awarding Harley Tucker $5,900 damages and $500 attorney’s fees in a suit against the state highway commission. Tucker alleged damages to his Little Sheep creek range beyond the physical taking of a right-of-way for the new highway, claiming loss of value in the range due to the destruction and taking of some of the springs at the south end of his pasture.

50 years ago

May 8, 1969

Joseph High School honor students for 1968-1969 are Rhonda Kiser and Thomas Kennedy.

The Chief Joseph Summer Seminars, known since 1961 as the Wallowa County Day Camp, will operate for three weeks this summer at Joseph. It will be under the principal sponsorship of Battelle Memorial Institute, Boise Cascade Foundation and the American Indian Educational Foundation.

The Forest Service trail crew returned Thursday from their second hitch in Snake River. They finished up over there and reported killing eight rattlers on this last trip.

25 years ago

May 5, 1994

Arson has been identified as the cause of a fire which caused extensive damage to the home of Elane Dickenson and her two children in Joseph. A full-scale investigation was launched and two juveniles were arrested in connection with the fire.

Four local adventurers notched a world-class achievement when they traveled deep into Mexico to climb Popo and Citlatepetl, the two tallest mountains in the country. Dr. Lowell Euhus, Fred Barstad, Gary Fletcher and Wendell Holmes teamed up for the expedition which turned out to be one of the hardest tests any of them had ever undergone.

37 former EHS basketball players showed up at a retirement banquet for Dick Quinn last Saturday. Quinn is stepping down after 28 years at the helm of the EHS basketball program.

As its first major project, the Friends of Health Care auxiliary organization presented $500 to Wallowa County Health Care District to purchase a tympanic thermometer.

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