Raven Foods

Raven Foods (and feeds) in Enterprise. Morgan Veterinary Clinic is on the far left. Any information or memories about either would be welcomed by The Chieftain!

100 years ago – April 22, 1920

The club committee on civic affairs repaired to the cemetery last week and spent the day leveling and smoothing the ground, removing unsightly growths and improving the road leading to the spot. Mounds over graves will be discouraged, and a regulation is expected that no more fences or concrete walls shall be built around plots.

The basket ball team of the Enterprise high school tendered a banquet to Coach Geo. E. Richards and football coach Glenn Gotter at the Hotel Gotter last week. An elegant banquet with speeches and a general good time marked the evening as one of the social events of the school year.

S. D. Crowe of the Home Independent Telephone company was in town arranging for a Wallowa county directory of the company’s lines. This will be issued shortly. There are about 900 subscribers in Wallowa county, half of the list centers at Enterprise.

Carpenters are now busily engaged laying flooring on the upper floor of the E. M. & M. Co. building. That part of the structure is gradually approaching completion.

70 years ago – April 20, 1950

Prompt action on the part of state police officer Richard O’Brien resulted in the quick apprehension of two men, who killed and butchered a long yearling Hereford on the W.S. Strickler place on Swamp creek. The men, from Pomeroy, Washington, are being held in the jail in lieu of $1,000 cash bail.

Hopes for the construction of a dam at Hell’s canyon on the Snake river were dashed when the U.S. Senate turned down a bill which set up funds for this project and other Columbia river developments.

Construction was virtually completed this week on the new feed and seed store built by Alfred Makin at Joseph. The large Quonset-type building is located two blocks east of Main street on the Imnaha highway.

Leonard Lively of Wallowa crashed the steelhead derby prize list with a 9 pound 9 ounce catch. It put him in third place. He made his catch at Flat Rock, just below Minam on the Minam river.

A new vat capable of handling 10,000 pounds of milk for the manufacture of cheddar cheese has been added to the equipment at the Raven Foods plant here.

50 years ago – April 23, 1970

Patti Quinn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Quinn of Joseph, became the second in her family to be chosen as a queen of Chief Joseph Days. Her sister Karen was queen of CJD in 1966. Princesses of the court will be Rita Poulson and Christine Barklow.

Apparently indignation over events of the past week or so in Wallowa County have not been taken lightly by the local citizenry. County Judge Stan Farris was presented with a preliminary copy of a petition which is now being circulated in the county asking the court to take the necessary action to sever the political ties of Wallowa County with the State of Oregon and set up a state known as “Wallowa”.

The Enterprise school board held a meeting to make a decision on a proposal to sue the world. The purpose of such a suit would be to bring to a conclusion after one bout with the courts the question of whether or not the $2,000,000 school bonds can be sold.

25 years ago – April 20, 1995

At its regular weekly meeting, the Wallowa County Court weighed the merits of a petition which asks for the ban of hunting with center-fire rifles below the timberline on Alder Slope in the Minam hunting unit, in the interest of safety. The petition bears the signatures of 37 county residents.

Alpine House, Wallowa County’s first and only assisted living facility for older and disabled residence, begins accepting tenants next week. The public is invited to an open house at the 30-unit open house.

Enterprise FFCL members bring home awards from the State FFCL Conference this month included Christina Pace, Carrie Phillips, Jocelyn Hays, Mandy Pace, Heather Dustin, Patti Simpson, Brooke Manca, Amber Clegg, Heidi Miller, Marjie Sackett, Rob Anderson, Marc McFetridge and Brianna Adams.

Within five days after putting out her appeal for 80 crib blankets, sheets and sleepers for a destitute orphanage in Romania last week, project organizer Linda Casady said that she received over twice her original goal.

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