Talkative, friendly and over the top with the great personality traits, Pablo Arenas demonstrates confidence and happiness in all things.

The senior at Enterprise High School not only enjoys working alongside his family at their restaurant but also hanging with his friends in and out of school, cheering for the home teams and most of all knitting!

Pablo has shown his eccentric personality in many things. He was the first male cheerleader for the school and is now the head cheer captain of the squad. He has shown others how he finds happiness in life, such as dressing in his own styles, not worrying about other’s negative opinions and most of all, smiling and laughing whenever someone needs a good giggle.

He plans on going to college after high school for pre-med and hopefully become a cardiac surgeon. He is also highly recognized in the school as the ASB class president for 2019-2020. When not knitting a new sweater or pair of socks, or cooking up a quick meal for his family, Pablo is trotting to the beat of the school’s band either in a school wide pep rally or a home basketball game. He has loved to do cheer and says cheerleading has allowed him to come out of his “comfort shell” and made him into a more positive and cheerful spirited person.

Many have said that he is an “outgoing sweet and caring friend, filled with great advice, and always down for some good coffees,” says fellow student and cheer squad member Madison Dorris. Whenever I see Pablo, he has a smile on his face with a sparkle in his eye along with a peppy step to his walk down the schools’ halls. “I’m not telling you it is going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it,” Arenas said about change in life and life itself. He also is a strong believer in love in everyone and especially yourself.

Pablo is a school favorite and a great friend to have around. And maybe you can see just how special and quirky this senior really is during a home basketball game this winter season along with his amazing cheer team all from Enterprise high.

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