BAKER CITY, Ore. — Fuelwood permits are now available for the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest’s 2019 fuelwood season, which runs May 1 — November 30. In Wallowa County, permits are available at the USFS Wallowa Mountains Ranger District, Joseph, Sports Corral 401 Main Street, Joseph, and the Dollar Stretcher, 604 S. River Street, Enterprise.

Personal use fuelwood permits can be purchased at several local vendors — listed above — and Forest Service offices. Vendors may add an additional fee of up to $2 per permit, and many vendors are open early in the morning, late in the evening, and on weekends. Forest Service offices sell personal-use fuelwood permits for $5 per cord, although open hours are limited to weekdays. There is a 4 cord minimum and a 10 cord maximum for personal use. Personal-use permits are valid until November 30.

Commercial fuelwood permits are only available at Ranger District Offices and cost $10 per cord. The minimum purchase is 2 cords, and there is no maximum. Commercial permits are valid for 2 weeks after their purchase date. Post Pole permits cost $0.03 per linear foot, with a minimum of 667 linear feet and a maximum of 3,000 linear feet in total for the season. Post & Pole permits are valid for 2 weeks after their purchase date.

“I want to thank every proactive woodcutter for the work you do,” said Tom Montoya, Wallowa-Whitman Forest Supervisor. “As you meet the fuelwood needs of your household and community, you also help us to reduce fuel loads and wildfire risks in the National Forest. Please be safe out there, and be sure that you understand the requirements in the 2019 Fuelwood Guide.”

Permits are not valid in areas where fuelwood cutting restrictions are in effect. Please carefully review the 2019 Fuelwood Guide to avoid violating the terms & conditions of your permit.

Fire risks

Woodcutters should follow all fire restrictions in their area. Industrial Fire Precaution Levels can be found at: Woodcutters need to remain in their work area for a minimum of one hour after using a chainsaw to look for any fires or smoldering duff. To report a wildland fire, please call 911.

Safety and conservation: Mountain travel requires care to avoid getting stuck or causing damage to the land and vegetation.

• Do not drive off roads and onto wet meadows or unstable ground.

• Contact a Forest Service office before heading out to make sure your target area is accessible.

• Be prepared: Pack additional food, water, clothing and other emergency supplies.

• Check in and out: Let someone know your destination and estimated time of return.

For more information on fuelwood cutting, please visit You may also call the Wallowa-Whitman fuelwood hotlines at 541-962-8679 for the La Grande Ranger District, or 541-426-5552 for the Wallowa Mountains Office in Joseph.

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