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Pamela Frost


JOSEPH — A whirlwind romance amid mushroom picking got Pamela Frost married and a new home in Joseph eight years ago.

“We met eight years ago in Trout Lake, Washington, on Mount Adams” she said. “My husband was picking mushrooms and I was working in a country inn. We met, fell in love and I moved with him to Joseph two months later.”

Her husband is Joe Frost, owner of Uppercut Construction, which she helps with.

They have no children, nor are any planned, she said. But they do have plans. They recently purchased 5 acres outside of town where they will raise wild game birds, such as chukars, quail and pheasants, as well as a few cattle for sale. They’ll sell them for the meat and the eggs the birds produce.

The Frosts also are building a “shopdominium,” Pamela said — a combination of a 60-by-60 shop and an apartment.

“That’s until we build our house next year,” she said.

She does all the bookkeeping, marketing “and anything else my husband needs” for their construction company, she said. “I’m a work-at-home wife.”

She recently shared her thoughts on living in Wallowa County.

What’s your favorite thing about Wallowa County?

The beauty, the nature and the people.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

To continue to be a better person in every way I can, with exercise, my diet, my mental health, financial health, spiritual health.

Have you broken it yet?

No, I haven’t broken it yet.

What do you want to see in the new year?

Prosperity and I want to enjoy this new life style we’re building — being farmers and living on the land.

What’s your advice for people who are thinking about moving here?

It’d be good to come with an entrepreneurial spirit to start a business that would benefit the community.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I love living here. It’s the greatest gift living here.

— Bill Bradshaw, Wallowa County Chieftain

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