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People come from all over the country to settle in Wallowa County, and Amber Love moved here from Ringgold, Ga., last summer.

Asked what brought her to Enterprise, she says in her true southern drawl, “A gentleman.” She and Wup Winn will soon be married, though no date has been set.

Together, they own and operate three businesses — Video Buffs Pizza & More, Birddog Signs and Back Country Connection, an airplane broker that provides bush airplanes popular with outfitters and guides at the Joseph Airport. She also just retired from FedEx after working for them for 20 years.

She called living here “a big change coming here” from Georgia. She said people often notice her drawl and say, “You’re not from here; where you from?” When she tells them, they often say, “That’s a little different,” in a friendly curious sort of way.

Love may be a newcomer, but Wallowa County has already made an impression on her.

What’s the best thing or place in Wallowa County?

Probably have to say the lake. It’s just peaceful, beautiful and it brings a lot of attention here for a lot of people. Having tried it last summer, it’s a little colder than Georgia water.

What is the greatest challenge facing Wallowa County?

Being new here, I really haven’t seen anything. Everything’s been so pleasant here, I really haven’t seen any challenges. I’m just getting used to the cold weather.

What can people do to make Wallowa County a better place for all of us?

Keep wavin’, keep smilin’, keep openin’ doors for people. Just be kind.

What have you learned from living in Wallowa County?

Your vehicle always stays dirty. Living outside of town, it definitely stays dirty all the time.

What’s your advice for people who are thinking about moving here?

Make sure you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Make sure you have a bumper on the front for the deer because they run across the road like rabbits. And just enjoy the beautiful scenery because you get to wake up to the mountains every morning.

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