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Christial Zollman


ENTERPRISE — Christial Zollman has lived in Enterprise “about a decade” and in Wallowa County 15-20 years, coming here as a child with her parents, Rick and Brenda Zollman, from her native Sunnyside.

She didn’t attend Enterprise schools, having been homeschooled all her life. She is now engaged to be married — with no date set yet — and works at Blue Mountain Computer downtown.

She recently shared her thoughts about living in Wallowa County.

What’s your favorite thing about Wallowa County?

I definitely love how beautiful it is here. It’s a really scenic area.

What are your thoughts on multiple allegations of harassment of employees by Joseph City Council and its alleged “dysfunction”?

I was aware of the dysfunction in city government … it’s bad. I just know there are some problems and I hope they can work it out.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you?

I was able to keep my job through all of it, so that was good, but there were a lot of stressed customers to deal with, so that was not so good. But I’ve been able to make it.

What have you learned from living in Wallowa County?

A lot of old-fashioned values are very important here. Being involved in customer service in the city, you’re able to trust people to come in and pay their bills … trusting your neighbor more, things that are considered more old-fashioned.

What’s your advice for people who are thinking about moving here?

Make sure you have a good job before you move here, and that you have housing. There’s a housing shortage here. I had to move back with my parents for a while because the house I was renting sold, but then I found another one.

— Bill Bradshaw, Wallowa County Chieftain

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