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Tom Beckman


ENTERPRISE — Tom Beckman, of Enterprise, has lived here about 12 years, and works as kitchen manager at Friends Restaurant on Main Street.

He has a child on the way — next month — and his parents and some siblings live in the area, so he is well tied to Wallowa County.

He recently shared his thoughts on living in Wallowa County and some recent or upcoming events.

What do you think about the results of the local elections?

I voted, but I haven’t been keeping up on things too much. (The Enterprise school bond passing) sounds good to me, but I haven’t been keeping up on stuff lately. Everything’s been so chaotic, so I guess I’m a little out of touch with it. As for moving Wallowa County into Idaho, (which failed) I need to do some more research on that.

As we near Thanksgiving, what’s one thing you’re thankful for?

I’m thankful for my family and I’m thankful that our little town hasn’t been too disrupted by the rest of the country’s crap that’s going on right now. Of course, it’s everywhere, but here it’s easier in some ways.

What’s your Thanksgiving tradition like?

Big dinner, get-together with family, trying to get family to come into town.

Do you think it will be disrupted by the COVID pandemic?

Yeah, in a way, but I don’t think too much.

When is too early to start hearing Christmas music?

Seems like around here it always starts too early. I used to live in Joseph for a long time and it seems they get to blaring that stuff all around town early on.

— Bill Bradshaw,

Wallowa County Chieftain

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