Wallowa Elementary School end of year fun

Student fun at the Wallowa Elementary School end-of-year celebration included a castle and a water slide.

Wallowa Elementary was awarded a grant from the Intermountain ESD as part of their “Every Day Matters” campaign to spend on end of the year programs. The grant’s purpose for Wallowa Elementary was to increase school spirit and family involvement, and provide a strong finish to the school year. With this grant Wallowa Elementary was able to get matching “Loud & Proud” shirts for all staff and students. It was mentioned by many staff members that this may have been the first time ever that this had been done. The students felt very proud to be matching their teachers as well as all of the school staff. With the grant money, Wallowa Elementary put on an amazing last day of school carnival for students and their families to enjoy. It was a great kick off to summer and everyone had so much fun! The carnival had two bounce castles, one big pirate fun house and slide, and a dolphin double water slide. The carnival also had carnival game booths such as Top Shot, Frogger and Ring Toss. Also available for fun were Corn Hole, and yard sized Connect Four, Yahtzee and Jenga. Also provided by the grant money, the students were served ice cream by our lovely Wallowa Elementary office staff; Pam and Sandi. We hope that ending the school year in this exciting way will help students look forward to the start of school in the Fall, improve attendance for next year, and improve family involvement. On behalf of everyone at Wallowa Elementary, we would like to give a HUGE Thank You to the Intermountain ESD and we would like to wish our students and their families a safe and happy summer, and don’t forget to READ! See you in the Fall!

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