Wallowa and Lostine were not to be left behind in the bevy of bazaars held recently, with the Christmas Bazaar at the Wallowa Senior Center and the Southfork Grange Christmas Bazaar in Lostine on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Karolyne Doss, who was in charge of the Wallowa bazaar, said there were 23 vendors there. She said she hoped the proceeds from renting the tables and sales of food would allow a donation to the senior center of $600 to $700 when all was said and done.

The scent of homemade clam chowder and ham-and-bean soup greeted those who entered the senior center. Doss was pleased with the turnout to see the wide variety of rugs, hats, quilts, tanned deerskin, holiday décor, jewelry, candy, homemade soap and more at the bazaar.

In addition to the sights and smells, the Wallowa bazaar was the only one visited Saturday where live music greeted visitors. John Raines on guitar and Laura Skovlin on banjo played and sang holiday favorites for bazaar-goers. The pair are members of Wallowa Valley’s Local Yokels musical group.

But Lostine was not to be outdone. Three years after the grange burned, it’s been refurbished and is now open for business by holding the bazaar there.

“We have resurrected ourselves,” said Rowan Cypher, who headed up efforts at the Southfork Grange.

She said she was pleased with the turnout and the grange hopes to make the bazaar a yearly event. She said that since they have virtually no overhead, they can offer table rentals at the rock-bottom price of $5 each.

“This is the place to sell,” Cypher said, adding that 13 vendors took her up on the offer this year.

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