ENTERPRISE — Winners of the 2021 Wallowa Valley Youth Arts Festival for students from Enterprise, Joseph, Troy, Wallowa and alternative-ed schools were announced last week.

The festival opened Saturday, April 10, at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in Joseph, and concluded April 17.

Students in grades K-12 showed one piece of personal artwork in the exhibit. The event featured a display of artwork, many awards ribbons, hands-on activities and musical performances by area youths.

McKenzie Keffer, a sophomore from Joseph, won the Judge’s Choice Award for her drawn self-portrait.

Second-grader Emery Rose Duquette, of Enterprise, won the Director’s Honorable Mention for her colored drawing “Chasing the Moon.”

Joseph junior Piper Larison won the People’s Choice Award and the Past Director’s Choice Award for her ceramic scene of dragon’s eating macaroons.

Other winners by grade and in order of place were:

Kindergarten: 1. Kathy Sichanthavong of Enterprise, 2. Opal Stowell of Enterprise, 3. Scarlet Shetler of Joseph.

First: 1. Brooklyn Gladden of Joseph, 2. Leif Stewart of Joseph, 3. Amelia Park of Enterprise.

Second: 1. Emery Rose Duquette of Enterprise, 2. Tate Zacharias of Joseph, 3. Zola Kurtz of Joseph.

Third: 1. Rowdy Croghan of Enterprise, 2. Mike Alexis of Wallowa, 3: Eva Junkins of Joseph.

Fourth: 1. Kallie Michaelson of Joseph, 2. Joseph Birkmaier of Enterprise, 3. Malia Mayhew of Enterprise.

Fifth: 1. Caleb Beachy of Joseph, 2: Kade Hook of Joseph, 3. Katie Hellinger of Joseph.

Sixth: 1. Case Melville of Enterprise, 2. Jamie Clinchy of Enterprise, 3. Celina Roberge of Enterprise.

Seventh: 1. Abigail Dundas of Joseph, 2. Camdyn Weer of Joseph, 3. Mya Faulds of Troy.

Eighth: 1. Isabella Guillory of Wallowa, 2. Aureyonna Wilks of Wallowa, 3. Bailey Blades of Troy.

Ninth: 1: Jessup Orr of Joseph, 2. Bella Snyder of Joseph, 3. Cassidy Wiedeman of Enterprise.

Tenth: 1. McKenzie Keffer of Joseph, 2. Tanner Kesecker of Enterprise, 3. Mary Thiel of Joseph.

Eleventh: 1. Piper Larison of Joseph, 2. Claire Webb of Joseph, 3. Trinity Ruth, Alternative-Ed.

Twelfth: 1. Gabriel Hawkins-Connolly of Joseph, 2. Jessica Johnson of Wallowa, 3. Layla Snyder of Joseph.

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