JOSEPH — A six-week workshop in Joseph and Wallowa will take place just in time to get ready for Halloween as high schoolers can take part in Haunt Camp: Creature Creation Workshop, the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture announced.

The classes are free and will take place in two locations:

• The Place in Joseph after school each Monday and Wednesday beginning Sept. 20.

• The Wallowa Elementary School Multipurpose Room each Tuesday and Thursday.

Start times will be determined to accommodate student travel time, and the course will run until Halloween.

Students will learn how to safely create a plaster copy of their face, sculpt a character mask and transform it into realistic silicone pieces while learning the same techniques used in Hollywood today.

“For years I’ve been working on bringing this class to high school students in Wallowa County,” artist J.R. Rymut said of the class. “I’m so grateful it’s finally happening. Molding and casting is rarely taught in art classes, and we’re creating high-quality prosthetic makeup the same way special effects shops in the film industry do. And that’s the point of the class: not only are we making really unusual, exciting projects, as a professional creative fabricator I want to introduce teens to career paths in the arts they may not know exist.”

In the class, students will design their own character to bring to life.

“Monsters are fun, but I hope some students want to experiment with old-age transformations or other realistic disguises,” Rymut said. “I want to see a lot of fake noses in Safeway.”

“J.R. and I have been working together for a while trying to make this happen and just by serendipity, we had the perfect grant that fit perfectly with this project, so we are able to execute the program for free and for 15 students in both locations,” said Cheryl Coughlan, executive director of the center.” I can’t wait to see the end result.”

Coughlan said the workshop isn’t limited to what’s going on there.

“The workshop also lets students exercise their dramatic and video production skills at the end, by creating TikTok videos to show off their creations,” she said.

Students can register online at Registration and face masks are required. For questions, contact Rymut at

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