The 2019 Wallowa Photo Contest is underway and off to a good start.

The twelfth annual photo contest is sponsored by the Wallowa County Chieftain and the Wallowa Valley Photo Club and is open to amateur photographers who either reside in or have visited Wallowa County.

The contest saw eight submissions in the first three days of the contest. With more to come, check out the year’s submitted photos, which have been posted on the contest’s website.

Typically the contest is held in January, rather than March, but the time frame hasn’t seemed to slow things down.

The contest hosts two divisions. One for adults and a second for students. “It’s a great opportunity to share your experiences with the community, and all photos are welcome,” said David Bridges of the Wallowa Valley Photo Club.

“With the two contest divisions of Adult and Student, all ages are invited to participate. Maybe the younger members of the family have some pictures the rest of us would enjoy seeing. And a smart phone is just as good as a camera.”

The Wallowa Valley Photo Club is a non-profit that was established “for the purpose of acting as a coordinating, educational, and service organization to foster, promote, encourage, and increase the knowledge, appreciation, and practice of photography,” according to its website.

Beyond the annual photo contest, the organization publishes and sells an annual calendar, photo books, postcards and more.

More information about the contest can be found in this edition of the Chieftain. Complete information is posted on the contest web site, Questions can go to or 541-432-0467.

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