Honor rolls

EnterpriseSecond quarter 2002-03


Austin Himes, 4.0

Tera Phinney, 4.0

Maya Waldron, 4.0

Andrea Burchards, 3.95

Kevin Gomes, 3.93

Valerie Davis, 3.9

Leslie Tweedy, 3.89

Kelsey Lukens, 3.78

Amy Pace, 3.76

Isaac Gerner, 3.71

Jason Douglas, 3.67

Elisa Gamboa, 3.66

Timothy Gilbert, 3.60

Levi Kangas, 3.50

Lacey Nobles, 3.48

Orianna Smith, 3.48

Grady Rawls,3.42

Chandra Courtney, 3.33


Jacinda Mitchell, 4.0

Nathan Slinker, 4.0

Andrew Vernarsky, 4.0

Steven Immoos, 3.89

Derek Huff, 3.85

Andrew Gorbett, 2.57

Matt Williams, 3.67

Celeste Hillock, 3.56

Christopher Lozier, 3.52

Christine Elson, 3.38

Maggie Norman, 3.33


Kallie Hadden, 4.0

Eryn Kelley, 4.0

Lacey Hill, 3.90

Logan Juve, 3.9

Chelcee Noland, 3.9

Carolyn Tweedy, 3.90

Whitney Locke, 3.86

Megan Oliver, 3.86

Craig Swart, 3.86

Alyse Fischer, 3.83

Anthony Swart, 3.81

Ashley Imoos, 3.71

Elinor McMonies, 3.71

Megan Wilks, 3.62

Sara Bruse, 3.60

Michael Swart, 3.52

Andrew Polumnsky, 3.47

Kayla Stoffel, 3.33


Tricia Kunkle, 4.0

Holly Luka, 4.0

Rayanna Mitchell, 4.0

Krista Stangel, 4.0

Kelsey Steinbeck, 4.0

Julie Verarsky, 4.0

Jessica Marcum, 3.95

Alysha Huffman, 3.86

Madeline Smith, 3.81

Eryn Britton, 3.78

Miles Nelson, 3.67

Katrina Anderson, 3.62

Angie Short, 3.62

Christina Cunningham, 3.57

Megan Courtney, 3.48

Brena Lea Bowman, 3.47

Payton Steinbeck, 3.33

Eighth grade

Daniel Lincoln, 3.95

Rachel Schaefer, 3.95

Rachel Graham, 3.90

Nicole Santiago, 3.90

Bret McCleary, 3.86

Matthew Exon, 3.76

Emily Wyffels, 3.76

Andrew Kelley, 3.71

Sara M. Averbeck, 3.62

Jessica D. Cunningham, 3.57

Justine Harbeck, 3.57

Cody Schwendiman, 3.57

Casey Chitwood, 3.43

Coltin Weber, 3.39

Chad Conrad,3.33

Seventh grade

Jessica Osterloh, 3.90

Danielle Weaver, 3.90

Amanda Spang, 3.81

Lucas Stangel, 3.76

Josie O'Leary, 3.71

Kelsey Juve, 3.62

Theresa Stangel, 3.57

Miranda McCarthy, 3.52

Jodi Young, 3.48

Kenneth Kunkle, 3.43

Hailie Feiling, 3.38

Christina Montgomery, 3.38

Auston Bowman, 3.33

Education Center lists students on honor roll The Enterprise Education Center announces that three outstanding students were named to its fall quarter honor roll. They are Teri Ann Seitz, Geri Holtz and Nick Lewis who all achieved grades of at least a 3.0 GPA.

The center would also like to recognizes students who made the alternative school's second quarter honor roll. They are: Tashina Schillereff, Christina Lewis, Teri Ann Seitz, Geri Holtz and Nick Lewis.

Siebes named to Laureate SocietyKelly and Cory Siebe, daughter and son of Scott and Kathy Siebe of Enterprise, have been named to Whitworth College's Laureate Society for the 2002 fall semester. Kelly is a 1998 graduate of Enterprise HS and Cory graduated from EHS in 2002.

Students qualify for the society by maintaining at least a 3.75 grade point average during the semester.

Founded in 1890, Whitworth is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA).s.

Johnson makes dean's listKyle Johnson, son of John and Amy Johnson of Wallowa, has been named to the dean's list at the University of Notre Dame for outstanding scholarship during the fall semester. Johnson is a 1999 graduate of Wallowa HS and is a senior at Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business, majoring in accounting.

Students named to the dean's list have maintained a 3.4 or better grade point average during the past semester.

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