Accident victim still in hospital, undergoes surgery

photo/Wolf family

Accident victim Ted Wolf, left, poses with a friend during happier times.

Over two weeks later, Ted Wolf, the 74-year-old Enterprise man who was seriously injured in the one-car crash near Imnaha March 2 is still hospitalized in a Boise, Idaho, hospital with multiple injuries.

"My Dad is still in ICU, expected to be there another week," his daughter, Teddi Schwilling of the San Francisco, Calif., area, told the Chieftain in an update report Tuesday, March 17. "He's making slow, but steady progress. Yesterday he sat in a chair for a couple hours. He's having difficulty talking but is alert and aware. He's got a small bout of Pneumonia but no other complications."

She added, "I think it will be a slow road to recovery, but he's a tough old Marine."

A few days after the accident Schwilling said that individually none of his injuries were life-threatening, but collectively they created stress on his heart.

Wolf's injuries, according to Schwilling, included several fractured ribs, a fractured vertebrae (not impacting his spinal cord), a broken shoulder, a broken knee, elbow lacerations, a broken tibia and some minor complications, such as a blood clot and fluid on the lungs.

Wolfe had surgery on his shoulder and elbow March 5 and underwent knee surgery Monday, March 9.

Schwilling was in Boise at her father's side. Another daughter, Rebecca, had traveled from Orange County, Calif., to Boise following the accident.

Wolf crashed his Ford Focus into a rock wall about two miles west of Imnaha after having lunch at the Imnaha Store and Tavern. The accident is still under investigation by the Oregon State Police.

Wolf was removed from his car, thanks to the Jaws of Life extrication equipment wielded by the Joseph Fire Department, and then air lifted by medical helicopter to St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise.

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