Active three-legged dog needs home

Mary Pillar, a Wallowa County Humane Society volunteer, takes three-legged Buddy for a walk in Warde Park. He needs a new home. Photo by Elane Dickenson

A lively young dog up for adoption by the Wallowa County Humane Society doesn't seem to be aware that he is handicapped, even though he only has three legs.

"He's not a cripple," said Mary Pillar, a long-time Humane Society volunteer who provides foster care for dogs while trying to place them in a new home. "He likes to go for walks, chase balls, wrestle with other dogs. He's good with kids and cats."

Pillar calls the dog "Buddy," because she found his original name, Oscar, difficult to use. She said others have called him "Tripod," because of the way he balances himselfon three legs.

"He's too intelligent for his own good," she said about the accident that cost him his leg. "When he was a young pup, Buddy figured out how to flip the latch on a chain link fence and got out into traffic." Buddy was hit by a car and had to have his leg amputated.

The three-year-old mixed breed dog has been living with Pillar for over two months. His original owner moved out of the county, leaving him with a brother to find a new home. The Humane Society then took over that search about two months ago.

Buddy was the Humane Society's "Pet of the Week" in the Chieftain a few weeks ago and Pillar said she think those who responded expected a dog that just laid around all day, which is not the case.

"I think he would be a good family pet, or good with someone who likes to walk or needs therapy," she said. "He's very active, but he has good house manners and knows basic obedience commands. To know him is to love him."

Anyone interested in meeting Buddy - who weighs about 60 pounds and is neutered - and possibly adopting him is asked to contact Pillar at 426-4170. There is a local link on the Oregon Humane Society Web site at

Buddy is the only dog the humane society has up for adoption at present, though cats are available.

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