The Nature Conservancy has created the Aspen Adoption Program so that individuals may help in the recovery of Aspen in the Western United States. Volunteers may even participate in the ongoing conservation efforts on the Zumwalt Prairie. It does not cost a cent for the volunteer, only your time and effort. After a successful year, The Nature Conservancy will either purchase a plaque for your enclosure that can be in dedication to someone or include your group's name.

Any family, organization or individual that is willing to donate one day in the spring and one day in the fall to maintain their adopted enclosure may participate. All training will be provided, as well as materials and equipment necessary for maintenance.

Duties include inspecting fences and vegetation within the enclosure and providing The Nature Conservancy with data on things like Aspen numbers and health and repairing fences and keeping thorough records of the condition of the fence.

Aspen in the Western United States have been reduced to less than one quarter of the area they once covered due to both fire and earlier overgrazing. Now humans have a chance to reverse that trend.

Aspen serve as habitat for unique bird species and additionally support insect populations so essential for healthy birds.

Aspen also allow more groundwater recharge, help reduce erosion and runoff and increase the health of stream ecosystems.

Moreover, Aspens are beautiful.

To sign up as a volunteer, call The Nature Conservancy at (541) 426-3458 or stop by the office at 906 South River Street in Enterprise.

You may also volunteer when you visit The Nature Conservancy booth at the June 26 Wallowa County Watershed Festival.

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