Attracting families goal of new Plush West owner

The new owner of Plush West in Enterprise is Lee Grover, shown here cooking a pizza. Photo by Rocky Wilson

As of April 1, Lee Grover of Enterprise purchased the Plush West Restaurant in Enterprise and renamed it Plush West Family Restaurant. Grover hopes to draw families into his eatery at 215 W. Main for both pizza and birthday parties.

Originally from Connecticut, Grover is a retired machinist who often worked as a cook during his 35 years of machine shop work. He moved to Hillsboro in 1962 where his wife Gloria is from. Gloria, when she is not working at Plush West with Lee and their four employees, works at Safeway.

Grover purchased the restaurant from Geneine Taylor who opened Plush West in Wallowa before relocating her business in Enterprise.

Since "retiring" and moving to Wallowa County one year ago, Grover has cooked at the Mountain Air Cafe in Joseph and Friends Restaurant in Enterprise.

He says he has 18 years of cooking in his background, much of that time cooking in Reno, Nev. and Los Angeles, Calif. Now at age 60, Grover spent six years of his life in the Air Force.

The Grovers had been coming to Wallowa County for the past 30 years, regularly visiting friends who live at Wallowa Lake, and made the move on the premise that it would be their last. They have one son who is making a career in the Army and a daughter who is a housewife in McMinnville. They have four grandchildren.

The menu has been changed at Plush West Family Restaurant to better reflect the cooking skills of the new owner. Grover lists his specialties as soups, sauces, char broil and Italian food. He says that Saturdays at Plush West will be Italian Night.

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