Task 8 of the state mandated periodic review process was passed on to the Wallowa County Board of Commissioners Tuesday, Dec. 17, by the Wallowa County Planning Commission. The passage followed a brief public hearing where only Martin Lovell of Imnaha offered testimony.

Task eight includes scenic waterways, wildlife habitat, wetlands and riparian corridors.

"We made the minimal changes necessary to fulfill the requirements of state statutes," said Wallowa County Deputy Planning Director Harold Black.

Lovell's testimony focused on concerns about individual property rights and was given consideration in what was passed on to the board of commissioners.

Black said the proposed amendment to the county's comprehensive plan and changes to county zoning ordinances were of a technical nature. As an example he pointed to the county's wildlife habitat map which would be amended to include bald eagle night roosts, additional bald eagle nest sites and additional mountain goat range. The practical application of this particular amendment is that any proposed development near the bald eagle sites, mostly on private property, would be referred for consideration by the county's Natural Resources Advisory Committee. The mountain goat range is on public lands.

In other business Rick Hanson was elected to replace Floyd Hoofard as chairman of the planning commission. Hanson had previously held the position of first vice president, a post now filled by Tim Nitz. Nitz was formerly second vice president, a position Jim Stonebrink was elected to.

Findings of fact on the Comrie application to build a home on the northwest moraine of Wallowa Lake were approved as written.

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