Every hunter can use a little luck. If you get lucky with the Access and Habitat Program's 2003 Deer and Elk Raffle Hunt, big bucks and bulls may be in your future. The raffle hunts offered for 2003 include statewide deer, northeast Oregon deer, southeast Oregon deer, Central Oregon deer, Northeast Oregon elk, high eesert elk, western Oregon elk, statewide elk and a statewide combination deer and elk hunt.

Deer and elk raffle winners will be able to hunt across multiple management units between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30, 2003. Winners may harvest a deer and/or elk with general or controlled season tags during authorized seasons, in addition to filling their raffle tag.

Ticket prices for deer hunts are $4 for one ticket, $11 for six, $21 for 15, $51 for 40 and $101 for 100. Elk raffle tickets are $6 for one, $21 for six, $41 for 15 and $101 for 40. Combination Deer and Elk Hunt tickets are one for $11, six for $31, 15 for $61 and 40 for $151.

Ticket packages up to 15 may be purchased at any ODFW point-of-sale license vendor throughout the state until May 7, 2003. Ticket packages of 40 and 100 must be purchased by mail or fax through ODFW's Portland office, P.O. Box 59, Portland, Oregon 97207. The fax number is (503) 872-5261.

Order forms are available from point-of-sale agents, in the 2003 big game regulations or by calling (503) 872-5260, extension 5349.

Purchased tickets must be filled out and returned to ODFW to be officially entered in the drawing. Mail orders must be post marked no later than May 10, 2003.

The winning tickets will be drawn at the 20th Annual Oregon Hunters Association State Convention to be held at the Deschutes County Expo Center in Redmond on May 17, 2003.

All money raised from the raffle is distributed through grants to individual and corporate landowners, conservation organizations and others to cooperatively fund wildlife habitat improvement and hunter access projects throughout Oregon.

For more information on the Raffle Hunt program contact A&H Program coordinator Susan Barnes at (503) 872-5260, extension 5349.

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