Big sweep: Over 50 volunteer for Enterprise clean-up

<I>Kathleen Ellyn/Chieftain</I><R>Front to rear, three generations of Nash's , Gideon, Ken and Justin, demonstrate the elbow action that gets the job done as they sweep their way down River Street in Enterprise.

More than 50 volunteers gloved up and hit Enterprise streets on Saturday, May 16, for the downtown portion of the big, city clean-up party - and what a great party it was.

"People have been talking about it all weekend," said City Administrator Michele Young. "Everyone had a great time."

A sizeable crowd met at the Public Library at 8 a.m. to clean the core of the city. Downtown several business owners rolled out hoses, grabbed brooms and otherwise joined in.

Meanwhile, other volunteers from the hospital, Les Schwab and Enterprise Safeway took on sidewalk cleaning, weed patrol and window-washing detail - stretching the work zone from near city limits both north and south in addition to Medical Parkway from end to end. Crews swept sidewalks and historic building fronts, pulled weeds, pruned trees, washed windows, and oiled and repaired public benches.

It was a family affair. Kids and parents worked side by side and later raced, climbed trees and otherwise enjoying their day at the Clean-up Picnic in Enterprise City Park that followed the work. Boy Scouts Troop 562, the Enterprise LDS Ladies, and The Dollar Stretcher Grocery supplied the eats. Book Loft owner, Mary Swanson, had earlier provided free coffee for a coffee break.

Enterprise Fire Department followed up the Big Sweep on Sunday, washing down both downtown and side streets. Home and business owners throughout the town continue to spruce up with flower pots and landscaping as everyone prepares for both a beautiful summer in Wallowa County and the big birthday celebrations coming.

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