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Tracy Hamilton, a pharmacy technician at Olive Branch Pharmacy in Enterprise, counts out pills for a customer Friday, April 16, 2021. While the adjacent clinic has been taken over by the Wallowa County Health Care District, no change is happening at the pharmacy.

ENTERPRISE — While the Olive Branch Family Health Clinic has been taken over by the Wallowa County Health Care District, the adjoining Olive Branch Pharmacy continues with business as usual, the pharmacy manager said.

“Nothing has changed on the pharmacy side,” Manager Sarah Blackwood said.

“We’ve had quite a few questions and concerns about if we are closing and our hours of operation,” said Misty Golden, one of the managers at the Red Cross Drug Store in La Grande, a sister pharmacy to Olive Branch.

The 10-year-old pharmacy is owned by Bob and Sue Coulter, of Cove.

In January, the health care district announced it would be taking over the clinic effective this month. But the pharmacy remains a separately-owned business divided from the clinic by just a doorway.

Wallowa Memorial Hospital “now owns the clinic part,” Blackwood said.

“We wanted to get the word out because the pharmacy owners and staff are continuing to provide the same compassionate care so that all of our patients can live a healthier life,” Blackwood said.

She said the pharmacy does its utmost for patients.

“We go out of our way to help patients,” she said. “If there’s something we don’t have, we can certainly order it.”

Blackwood said that she and the other two staff members at the pharmacy enjoy working for the Coulters, who come to Enterprise on occasion.

“They provide such a family atmosphere,” she said. “They are all about family. They care about their co-workers. They care about their patients. You just don’t get that so much with the corporate pharmacies.”

In order to make sure they are aware of what their customers want, Olive Branch regularly polls them. Blackwood shared some of the responses.

One said she comes to Olive Branch, “because of the friendly staff and the atmosphere that’s created due to that, and the timely service they provide.”

Another said she “loves the drive-thru window and the friendly staff. It makes picking up prescriptions very convenient and our friendly staff.”

Yet another stated, “This place is fabulous and accommodating and she loves coming here because she doesn’t have to wait in a line,” Blackwood said.

The Olive Branch Pharmacy, located at 306 W North St., is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. To phone in a prescription or for more information, call 541-426-7455.


Bill Bradshaw is a reporter for the Wallowa County Chieftain. Have a business tip? Contact him at 541-398-5503 or

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