Boise Cascade Corporation has reopened its lands to firewood gathering and most other uses in northeastern Oregon, southeastern Washington, and Idaho.

Camping, driving ATVs on established roadways, personal chain saw use, welding, cutting, and grinding are also permitted, based on cooler weather and the outlook for precipitation. However, John Warness, Chief Forester for Boise, cautioned that slash burning continues to be restricted.

Industrial use of company lands, as allowed by the Oregon Department of Forestry and Idaho Department of Lands is ongoing, with all restrictions promulgated by those agencies remaining in effect.

Warness said the company is again allowing firewood cutting and camping but warned visitors to be careful with fire. "Conditions are quite dry, especially for this time of year. Everyone should use common sense with fire and make sure that camping, warming, and other fires are completely extinguished before leaving an area." Visitors that bring horses, mules, or other livestock into Boise's timberlands must utilize only certified weed-free hay and straw.

Those wishing to cut firewood on Boise lands are required to obtain a permit. The permits, which are available for $22 for a three-cord minimum, are available in northeastern Oregon at Outlaw Motor Sports and Action Outdoors in Enterprise, Logger's Supply and Two G.I.'s in La Grande, and Elgin Food Town in Elgin. This year's permits are good through Nov. 30.

Three cooperative travel restricted areas, Noregaard, Shamrock, and Little Catherine Creek, continue in effect. Informational brochures about these special tracts that are managed to reduce road and stream damage or sedimentation, enhance conditions for wildlife, and prevent the spread of noxious weeds, are available from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offices in La Grande and Enterprise. The brochures contain maps that indicate open roads within each area.

Boise owns and manages on a sustainable basis about 550,000 acres of timberlands in northeastern Oregon, southeastern Washington and Idaho. Current information about firewood cutting or land use restrictions can be obtained by calling Boise's Timberlands office in La Grande, Oregon at (541) 962 2045.

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