Because of recent weather conditions that have reduced the wildfire threat, Boise has lifted land use restrictions and is again allowing visitors to enter company forestlands in northeastern Oregon, southeastern Washington, and Idaho.

Region Timberlands Manager Bob Messinger indicated he is pleased to announce that guests are again welcome to drive, camp, hunt, and gather firewood on Boise lands.

Three areas in northeastern Oregon that have been closed traditionally to most vehicular traffic during hunting season remain limited.

"People entering the Noregaard, Shamrock, and Catherine Creek travel restriction areas will need to remember to drive only on roads that are designated as open during the time the limitations are in effect," Messinger explained.

The Noregaard travel restriction is in effect until November 25, Shamrock until December 9, and Catherine Creek until June 15, 2003. The travel restricted areas are a cooperative effort with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and maps are available from their offices at 107 20th, La Grande, Oregon, or 65495 Alder Slope Road, Enterprise, Oregon.

Boise asks that all visitors be responsible guests. Everyone should leave a clean camp with all garbage removed. The company does not allow cutting of standing dead trees as they are important habitat for non-game species like woodpeckers and owls. They have an active weed reduction program in place and request that livestock be fed only certified weed-free hay or processed pellets. To assist with their cooperative wildlife program, they ask Oregon hunters to place samples taken from deer and elk in collection bags available from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offices.

Boise owns and manages on a sustainable basis about 310,000 acres of timberlands in the northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington region, and about 200,000 acres in Idaho. Current information about Boise's restrictions on use of its forests can be obtained by calling their Timberlands office in La Grande, Oregon, at 541-962-2045.

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