Bridge construction continues

Workers for Mike Becker Construction of La Grande, with the use of a 156 ft. high crane belonging to Vemco of Enterprise, put in place a 19 ton slab of pre-caste, pre-stressed concrete as part of the Ed Long Bridge on Eggleson Lane. Photo by Rocky Wilson

Eight 50-foot-long, 19-ton slabs of concrete were put in place last week in both the Ed Long and Orville Makin bridges on Eggleson Lane south of Enterprise as work progressed on a combined $344,973 project. The bridges, at a distance of about 400 feet, cross fingers of the Wallowa River. The bridge portion of the work, being done by Mike Becker Construction of La Grande, should be completed by the end of September.

Aggregate base and surfacing work will be done by the Wallowa County Road Department the first week in October, with Becker's crew then called back to do guard rail work. Wallowa County Public Works Director Russ McMartin hopes to have Eggleson Lane reopened to public traffic by the second or third week in October.

Mike Becker Construction, in addition to work on the guard rails, is responsible for doing preliminary work, laying the 38,000 pound concrete slabs and leveling the approach to the slabs for a 30 foot distance on both sides of each bridge.

The project representative overseeing the work on the Eggleson bridges, James Dike of Anderson Perry & Associates of La Grande, said that construction on the Bailey Bridge approaching the Methodist Church Camp at Wallowa Lake will begin this week and be completed by Nov. 30. The contractor on that job is Weaver Construction of La Grande. The contract bid was $299,177.

Dike said that the concrete slabs used on the Bailey Bridge, like those on the Long and Makin Bridges, will be 4 feet wide, but will extend to a length of 68 feet. Where the two bridges on Eggleson Lane will have slabs 21 inches in depth, the Bailey Bridge slabs will be 26 inches thick. The Bailey Bridge will only be six slabs wide, compared to the eight slabs of the Long and Makin bridges.

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