The initial report concerning the autopsy performed after the death of Enterprise High School student Shea Capdeville on Nov. 27 is "inconclusive," Wallowa County District Attorney Dan Ousley said Tuesday.

Ousley said that the short report on the autopsy said the cause of death is "undetermined pending toxicology tests and further examination."

The autopsy was performed Nov. 29 at Bollman Funeral Home by Dr. James B. Sawyer through Blue Mountain Pathology, Inc., of La Grande at the request of Wallowa County medical examiner Dr. Lowell Euhus.

"The report is very short, only one page," said Ousley, who received the document at the end of last week while he was out of town for four days. He had no indication when he would receive toxicology results and a final report.

Dr. Euhus said that he was also waiting for the final autopsy report, noting "sometimes it takes longer than others. While without the final report it is too early to know, Dr. Euhus said that "sometimes the history and autopsy does not determine an exact cause of death."

He added that in those cases the conclusion could be "natural, not determinable." Among a possible cause, in those cases, is a faulty heart rhythm, which might be suspected but never proven.

Capdeville reportedly died in his sleep the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 27. His mother she woke her son for school and he responded with an audible, but unusual, sound. When she went to wake him a second time she found him lifeless.

Memorial services for the young man were held at OK Theatre Sunday, Dec. 8.

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